Often when we compare our diets to those around us, it can seem that what we’re eating is far more ‘healthy’ than everyone else…so we should be OK right? I know that before I got cancer I thought I was ticking all the diet and lifestyle boxes to not get cancer.
So it was super shocking when I did get a diagnosis back in 2013, resulting in a mastectomy.
Back to YOUR diet… since your diagnosis you have:
• Cut out sugar or at least minimised the amount you eat
• Switched to sour dough or seed bread
• Ditched the processed vegetable oil and only using olive or coconut oil
• Added a few of the superfoods like flaxseed oil, probiotic yogurt and turmeric
• Stopped drinking alcohol or don’t drink as much as you used to
But even with all these changes you’re still having a few health issues:
• Your weight hasn’t budged
• You’re not ‘regular’ or you need a coffee to get ‘things’ moving every morning
• You’re still not sleeping that well
• You’re still feeling tired all the time
So what’s going on?
The biggest gap I see is the lack of knowledge around where the immune boosting, cancer protecting foods are.
You’re not seeing these foods advertised because there is no money to be made from broccoli, beans or brown rice!
The immune boosting cancer-kicking properties in food are found in
• Vegetables & fruit
• Legumes – beans & lentils
• Whole grains
• Healthy fats – nuts & seeds, avocados, olives
In their WHOLE form. 
Olive oil is a processed product. Olives are a whole food with all of the fibre and nutrients intact.
The more a food is processed the less fibre and phytonutrients are left. 
When it comes in its original package, fibre has powerful cancer-kicking properties and you can read about it here…
The more a food is processed the quicker the glucose can rush into our bloodstream – encouraging inflammation and lowering our immune system. For example brown rice is a whole food, while rice flour (like ALL flour) has been so mechanically processed it’s close to sugar as far as the body is concerned.
Where in your menu planning could you add some more whole foods?
• Adding beans to your next casserole or salad
• Using brown rice or quinoa instead of white rice or pasta
• Simply eating more vegetables
• Eating fruit and nuts as snacks
Cancer is a gift that changes our perspective on life and one of those is the value of our health.
If you would like some help getting started my Introductory consultation includes:
• Comprehensive dietary analysis to discover exactly where you need the most help
• Exploring meal ideas that suit your nutritional needs
• Creating a menu plan for your unique lifestyle
• BONUS workbook + 40 high fibre recipes
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