Fed up from decades of trying your hardest to lose weight, following all the ‘diets’, losing a bit then gaining it again?

And now you’re adding mid-life hormones to the mix and feel like you’re fighting a losing battle?

Spend an hour with me and…

  • we’ll start to undo the clutter of all the conflicting advice you’ve taken on board over the years about what’s ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to eat
  • you’ll discover how easy it is to eat foods that not only bring relief to your hormonal symptoms but help you thrive during this empowering time of life.
  • you’ll feel confident knowing how to easily eat in such a way that will set sustainable weight loss in motion.
Naturally Nic plant-based Dietitian looking at the camera cutting up vegetables in the kitchen

I will help you…


Create a 7-day personalised plant-strong meal plan that’s SURE to help you release weight.


Let go of perfection and all-or-nothing thinking… and just make it EASY.


Easily eat more plants which is the proven way to help balance mid-life hormones and start moving you towards your ideal healthy weight.

So if you’re ready to end the dieting roller-coaster that has got you to mid-life, STILL unhappy with your weight, lets chat…

I want to help you start the journey with ease and maximum results without forcing you to follow another rigid cookie-cutter diet.

Naturally Nic plant-based Dietitian looking at the camera

Hi there…I’m  Nic

and I love helping women in mid-life ditch dieting without giving up on their health & weight loss goals.

If you know you’d like to spend more than one session with me, longer-term packages are available and you can click a complimentary chat below to discuss your needs.


“Nic helped me to create a menu plan that not only suited my family but gave me flexibility and saved me time. The suggestions she made were practical and easy to follow.”

Judith Maxwell.