Online course Eat2ThriveOver45 Nourishing weight loss for women in Mid-life Nic plant-based Dietitian

Eat2ThriveOver45 is a transformative 6-week online course that will guide you on a journey of nourishing your body and finding your healthy body weight.

In this course, we will delve into the powerful connection between food and menopause, equipping you with practical knowledge and strategies to nourish your body and thrive during this season of life.

You’ll walk away feeling confident & empowered so you can ease into menopause and thrive in this season of life!

Week 1: Understanding Menopause

Exploring the physical impact of menopause
Understanding how hormonal changes affect metabolism
Identifying lifestyle behaviours & weight management

Week 2: Optimal Foods for Menopause

Finding the right foods to nourish in this season
The nutrient-dense foods that support menopause
Easily tweaking your meals & recipes

Week 3: Gut Health and Hormone Balance

Understanding the crucial role of gut health during menopause
Foods that promote a healthy gut microbiome and hormone balance
Simple strategies for improving gut health

Week 4: Minimising Menopause Weight Gain

Exploring the factors contributing to weight gain during menopause
Developing a healthy relationship with food
Understanding calorie density versus calorie counting

Week 5: Family-Friendly Meal Planning

Nourishing meals for menopause support while keeping the family happy
Incorporating hormone-balancing ingredients into your diet
Meal prepping and time-saving strategies for busy schedules

Week 6: Sustainable Nourishing Habits for Life

Confidently navigating social situations
Weight management beyond food
Sustainable lifestyle habits for ongoing success

Eat2ThriveOver45 is an exclusive online course designed to give you personalized attention in a supportive environment.


Limited enrollment of only 10 women


Discover the right foods for your body


Learn how to reduce your menopause symptoms


Discover the healthy way to release unwanted weight

Let’s get you back in the driver’s seat so you can thrive in menopause & beyond!

Answers to frequently asked questions…

All sessions will be recorded and available in the private Facebook group

You will have access to the videos & recordings for the duration of the course

I will actively engage in the Facebook group, providing support & addressing any questions you may have

Ease into menopause workshop

On the day you will get: 

  • Practical & easy to implement nutrition ideas
  • Valuable insights & doable strategies
  • Your questions answered
  • A supportive group of like-minded women
  • The confidence & tools to rock menopause!
  • AND yummy refreshments!
Naturally Nic plant-based Dietitian in the kitchen laughing


Naturally Nic plant-based Dietitian looking at the camera

If you haven’t met me I’m Nic and I’ve been a Dietitian & Nutritionist for over 3 decades, helping women release unwanted weight.

So many women struggle with stubborn weight and the endless cycle of thinking that a new diet or an ‘old one’ with more discipline will be the answer.

However, when age, hormones, and life collide it can be messy and make change harder.

Especially when decades of dieting advice and demonisation of certain foods, or types of foods make us scared to eat a flippin carrot.

After getting breast cancer in 2013, I discovered the power of plants and have been educating women on how to nourish their body by finding out what works for them in this season of life, ever since.

Mid-life can be a time of liberation and I love empowering women so they can optimise their health while they lose unwanted weight and regain their health.

Hang tight!

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