Weight loss in menopause is possible…

Let me show you how.

Hey there Lovely, I’m Nic, a specialist Dietitian, who helps women lose stubborn weight, balance their menopausal hormones, and optmise their health by eating more plants.

Ready to ditch dieting, without giving up on your weight loss goals?

Can you relate?

Your weight never used to be an issue and now you’re afraid you’ll never lose those unwanted kg’s.

You know it’s not ‘just’ your hormones although it’s easy to blame them!

AND you’re also tired of diets, shakes, & short-term promises but with all the confusing and conflicting information out there it’s nightmare trying to find what’s right for your body.

You’re not alone…

As a Dietitian I’ve worked with hundreds of women in menopause who struggle to lose weight, regulate hormones, and get their health on track.

My clients want a lifestyle that will stop the hot flushes and crappy sleep while giving them energy AND helping them fit back into their jeans!

Women who work with me learn how to eat food specifically designed for their nutritional needs so they can confidently take back the reigns of their health.

(you don’t need to be 100% plant-based to get the benefits of eating more plants – so relax – I help you make choosing more plants the easy and yummy option)

Together we create a flexible lifestyle plan so you can leave dieting behind.

Not only will you never have to think ‘What’s for dinner?’ again, but you’ll also have healthy eating strategies that set you up for long-term success.

Are these myths playing havoc with your health?

1. The keto culture has infiltrated our supermarkets masquerading as ‘health’ foods, which means many women are eating high-fat foods rather than high-fiber, nutrient-dense foods.

2. By not understanding the role that food plays in regulating hormones, women are eating foods that make their menopause symptoms worse.

3. Thinking that protein is the answer to weight woes when in fact too much protein is as dangerous as too little.

Over the last three decades of helping women reach their health goals, I’ve got laser-focused on being able to identify the exact steps needed to start the process that will move stubborn weight, regulate hormones, and get energy flooding back…

Grab my free training ‘Plant-strong weight loss’ and you’ll discover the steps you can take to kick-start your health journey.

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Health had always been one of my highest values.

So when I got breast cancer in 2013, it forced me to stop and re-evaluate everything in my life…
…including my diet!

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Ready to find a way that will nourish your body AND release unwanted weight?

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