When I sat in the doctor’s office and was delivered the news – I was in shock… I was 48.


How could I have cancer?

It’s incredible how an experience like that can bring your entire life into such sharp focus.

When I sat in the doctor’s office and was delivered the news – I was in shock…
I was 48.

How could I have cancer?

It’s incredible how an experience like that can bring your entire life into such sharp focus.

I lost my left breast in October 2013.

The diagnosis opened my eyes to the necessity of focusing on my needs, which was something I had been numbing with busyness and alcohol (in moderation) until then.

I immediately stopped drinking, and as I began to recover I also began to wake up…

– I started to see where my life wasn’t working

– I paid closer attention to what I was putting in my body

– and I was more discerning about relationships and whether they were nourishing for me

In fact, 18 months after diagnosis, I knew I needed to leave the dysfunction in my 20-year marriage.

From the moment of my diagnosis, I was driven to do EVERYTHING I could to reduce the risks of cancer coming back into my life.

One of the biggest ways I knew I could reduce my risk was through the food I was eating.

 While there are some anecdotal stories about eating raw or in some cases paleo or keto, the overwhelming clinical trials and double-blind placebo-controlled human studies proved that plants win hands down.

And not just for reducing your risk of cancer: it seemed that plant-based diets had reversed atherosclerosis (build-up of plaque that contributes to heart disease), and nearly all of our lifestyle diseases.

The Blue Zones study showed that the happiest, healthiest, and longest-living cultures on the planet today eat about 95% plants.

Even newer research shows that it’s ONLY fiber that feeds your good gut bacteria, where 80% of your immunity lives.

Fiber is ONLY found in plants.

Since eating more plants I have never felt as healthy, had such a strong immune system, and I always have energy!

Here’s the thing:
YES – I spend my days sharing the benefits of eating plants.
But I don’t push a 100% plant-based lifestyle on others.
I just want people to eat MORE plants.

I am 100% plant-based, because that works for me.
But if I went to a friend’s house and they had caught some fish, I would eat the fish. Why? Because that relationship, the experience, and my values allow me that flexibility in the moment.

The LAST THING I would want to do is push you into ANOTHER eating plan that triggered all-or-nothing thinking.

All-or-nothing thinking is what means that the average time we stick to a diet is just six weeks. 

All-or-nothing thinking is what stops most people from choosing a healthy option now, and instead, decide to ‘start again on Monday’.

You don’t have to be like me and go 100% plant-based to get the results you’re looking for.

Making small changes that align with your health and lifestyle goals is all that is needed to start seeing results.

Some of the changes I’ve experienced over the years I’ve been eating plant-based are:
– I’m always getting told I look younger than I am
– I rarely get sick and if I do it’s mild
– menopause was a non-event and my tiny hot flushes were almost cute
– I’ve easily maintained my weight through ‘the change’ what a win!

This is why I now support women in mid-life incorporate more plant-based eating into their life.

Working with me they’re able to release weight without dieting, feel their energy returning and regulate their hormonal symptoms.

In fact, they end up feeling relieved that their health is back on track and even happier that it wasn’t as hard as they thought it was going to be!

AND as I mentioned I will help you find your plant-strong sweet spot without turning you into a vegan (unless you want to!).

What I love about this approach is there are simple ways to eat more plants that have minimal impact on the family but big results for you.

If you want to discover how to achieve your health and weight loss goals without dieting, you can purchase Thriving on Plants.


This nutrition guide is the same plant-strong, healthy eating that I follow every day. You’ll also get 30 of my favourite recipes that use everyday ingredients and are easy to follow.

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