Today I want to talk about why building muscle in mid-life is key to breezing through menopause.

It is said that it’s NOT osteoporosis that causes us to fall as we get older but weak muscles and lack of core stability – makes sense, doesn’t it?

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for why building muscle in menopause is a key to promoting optimal health in your body..

Muscle BURNS calories even when you’re not using them… that should be reason enough LOL.

On the other hand, fat cells don’t burn calories and instead release estrogen AND inflammatory cytokines – both of which we don’t want!

The fact that muscle uses glucose means that it:
– lowers insulin resistance (the precursor to type 2 diabetes)
– brings down your blood sugar levels (less stress and emotional roller coasters)
– reduces body fat

AND all of the above will help to balance your hormones and reduce your menopausal symptoms…

meaning less hot flushes and crappy sleep.

Ahhhh that would be a win-win-win in my books!

AND weight-bearing exercise stimulates bone growth – a great way to reduce your risk of osteoporosis!

So if researchers are now saying that ‘muscle is the currency of health’ what does it look like to be doing weight-bearing exercises?

There is no need to rush off to the gym… but it does mean we need to be proactive.

1. Simply start by doing squats on a chair – do it 10 times today and you’re done. Tomorrow do it twice and slowly build up.

2. When you’re in the kitchen do 10 push-ups off the bench – do it every time you walk into the kitchen.

3. Grab a couple of cans of beans (cos you’ve all got them in the cupboard) and raise them above your head 10 times.

Great work – you’ve started!

I’ve started doing these 20-minute workouts that I found on YouTube – Lift with Cee.

Cheryl is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer who targets her workouts for women over 40.

She has weight training for beginners all the way up to advanced and has a new workout every week – all for FREE, and her workouts only require hand dumbbells.

As time goes on you should invest in some hand weights from a department store like Target – they’re not very expensive.

It’s not about becoming Ms. Universe is about building your strength to improve your health and quality of life

Building muscle in menopause is as important as eating more plants.

Yes, walking, swimming, and cycling are wonderful cardio movements and they slowly build up muscle over time – but it’s not enough.

I encourage you to start building muscle, especially if you’re approaching menopause, and then experience the benefits for yourself.

If you’d like some help getting started then I offer a 30-minute complimentary consult and we will:
1. Assess your current diet and food habits
2. Identify the (often hidden) eating habits that are sabotaging your health
3. Pinpoint simple ways you can add more plant-based eating to easily get your health back on track and shed a few kilos

Remember what may have been helpful in the past may not be helpful in THIS season of mid-life.

So I invite you to fill out my intake form and book a 30-minute no-obligation consult.

If some of the food choices you’re making now are not serving your health and weight loss goals, I will quickly be able to identify what that is.

If you like what you hear I will be happy to let you know how I can support you moving forward.

Use this LINK to choose a time and day that suits you.

Talk soon,


Nic x

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