What do you think of when I say ‘dietitian’?
  • Deprivation diets?
  • Healthy food pyramid?
  • Outdated, industry-driven recommendations?
I asked that question in a business group this week and in less than 24 hours over 60 women had responded and none of them were positive. As in any profession, there are differences of opinion, so you are not to blame for thinking that all dietitians fall into the same mold.
But I don’t.
My years of research has led me to walk away from the ‘food pyramid’.
I believe this is an industry-driven model that does not benefit our health.
For example, there is nothing good about dairy. Besides containing casein, the protein found in all dairy which is associated with cancer, dairy also contains estrogen, a hormone that is found in excess in our modern world and is contributing to many of our hormone-driven cancers. Read more here and here
The meat you are eating today is NOT the meat we were eating 100 years ago. Cows and chickens used to eat grass. Today they consume grains, sometimes exclusively. This means that meat used to contain beneficial anti-inflammatory omega-3’s. Instead, our meat now contains omega-6 oils that are inflammatory. Read more on this here
No, I don’t think you have to give up animal products entirely, however I would recommend reducing your consumption to once a day at the most, ideally 1-2 times a week.
But please replace your animal protein for some highly beneficial plant-based protein – legumes. Beans & lentils are a wonderful source of protein and complex carbohydrates. They also contain cancer-fighting compounds.
Yes, we need fat, but the currents trends have led us to believe that we don’t need to limit our intake of ‘healthy’ liquid oils. Include healthy fats in your diet, but follow the same principle as fruit. Eat whole fruit, not fruit juice with all the fibre and nutrients stripped out.
Eat whole avocadoes, olives, nuts and seeds, and avoid or limit the liquid oils.
It goes without saying that vegetables need to be a major feature at every meal.
Interested, but a tad overwhelmed at the prospect of moving in a whole-foods plant-based direction?
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