Naturally Nic plant-based Dietitian looking at the camera holding a jar of olives and a can of olive oil

What if you could eliminate ONE single ingredient that would accelerate your weight loss?

An ingredient that you use every day – but don’t need for optimal health (you can eat the superior alternative instead).

Now I’m not going to try and tell you that good fats are bad.

Decades ago we used to think ALL fats were bad but then we discovered some essential fats.

Essential nutrients are the ones that our body can’t make.

So this includes vitamins and minerals, some of the building blocks of protein called amino acids, and some fatty acids.

Specifically, the fats you need to get from the food you eat are the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-6 foods sources are highest in the vegetable oils (soy, sunflower, safflower, corn, canola, cottonseed) and are the oils used in nearly ALL processed and take-away foods because it is cheap. Healthier sources can be found in whole grains, legumes (beans & lentils), nuts & seeds.

Omega-3 can be found in ground flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, arugula (rocket), brussel sprouts, soybeans (organic), pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and avocado.

However, omega-6s are inflammatory (when eaten to excess) and omega-3s are anti-inflammatory.

The easiest way to eat less omega-6 is to AVOID processed and take-away foods – and this is not only a way to improve your health but will also put weight loss back on the table.

And include a source of omega-3 daily – preferably a whole food source like ground flax seeds rather than flaxseed oil (hang tight I will address why).

So now you’re thinking what about olive oil – isn’t that healthy?

Yes, olive oil is a monounsaturated fat which is a healthier fat than saturated fats like coconut products and all animal products, but it’s not an essential fatty acid (meaning your body can make it so you don’t need to get it from your diet like the omega-3’s)

Other sources of monounsaturated fats include avocados, and many nuts and seeds.

However, like ALL liquid oils, olive oil has ZERO fiber and limited nutrients.

Like when we make fruit juice, the fiber, and the nutrients have been stripped away.

Or when we make flour, we remove the fiber and the majority of nutrients.

Oils are concentrated sources of calories and while I don’t count calories I KNOW where they’re coming from.

Think about this… one tablespoon of olive oil is equivalent to eating a huge banana or 4 cups of broccoli.

And one tablespoon of olive oil contains 20-40 olives depending on their size.

So I’d rather you throw a few whole olives on your salad, rather than using olive oil in your dressing.

Yes, olive oil is one of the healthiest oils but if you’re trying to release weight, ALL liquid oils are not your best friend.

My tips for using less liquid oils are:

  • If you need a non-stick surface pour a teaspoon into the pan and spread with a paper towel
  • Pour a teaspoon onto the palm of your hand, and then rub your hands together and spread over a tray of roast vegetables – or lightly spray with olive oil
  • If you HAVE to use oil in your dressing or recipe measure rather than sploosh!
  • Try lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, honey, and healthy salt as a salad dressing.
  • Experiment with NOT using oil – you’ll be surprised how little difference cooking with no oil makes to the taste of your recipes.
  • Instead, use a small amount of water or stock to ‘fry’ off your onion and other herbs.

If you’d like my help to kick-start your weight loss by creating a lifestyle that embraces more plants then let’s chat.

You can jump on my obligation-free 30-minute Mini Menopause Assessment session.

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