Are You Like Me And Won’t Be Told? What’s That Got To Do With The Sugar In Your Diet?

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I like to experience things myself – do you?

Sometimes that experience is not what I thought or I am left feeling disappointed. But I try to find a positive in everything.

When a client comes to see me after they have had an unsuccessful attempt to lose weight I help them find a positive.

I embrace these disappointments and help my clients find the nuggets in that experience.

In my view, the nugget is that my client has the desire for change.

At the very least, my client has discovered one way that doesn’t work for them.

Many times my clients have had a light bulb moment like…’it was working on the days I was organized’.

The biggest plus is they have made a start.

Starting and maintaining momentum is the hardest part of a change. Once you have started the journey and experienced some of the positives it is heaps easier to keep going.

But how do we do it? By taking small positive action steps. Do it often enough until it becomes a habit like cleaning your teeth. Once it is embedded in your daily routine you can move onto the next one.

Today I have many non-negotiable habits. They inspire me to keep going and to look after myself. They remind that I am valuable.

After losing a breast to cancer in 2013, I wanted to give myself the best chance of recovery. For the first time in my 48 years, I avoided sugar in all its forms. For me, that meant forgoing fruit, honey and dates for a season.

The results were phenomenal and totally unexpected. For the first time in my life, my constant hunger and cravings disappeared. I ate breakfast and didn’t feel hungry until lunchtime.

I have since spent years understanding the effect sugar has on our body.

I believe that it doesn’t matter what health issue or weight struggle you have, it all starts with understanding the role that sugar plays.

Reducing the sugar in your diet will have a positive impact on everything. You will have more energy, you will shed excess weight, you will sleep better, your aches and pains will subside, your moods will level out.

These are just some of the positive effects my clients get when they move away from sugar/simple carbohydrates and embrace a real food lifestyle.

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