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The real reason we don’t invest in a product or service – is because we don’t believe it’s worth the effort.

We have to be able to see the value, meaning we have to intrinsically understand the benefits for us before we hand over our hard-earned cash or invest the time needed to make the necessary changes.

The difficulty comes when the benefit of the investment is not seen immediately.

We love instant gratification.

Not so much delayed gratification.

When I was raising my 4 children I was deeply aware of the need to teach them children delayed gratification… with a happy heart!

I believed it was worth the tantrums and pouting (all of which begat consequences mind you!) when I reasonably denied a request so my children would grow up understanding that we don’t always get what we want immediately.

So if you don’t believe something is…

🍏worth the effort of energy
🍏worth the sacrifice of time
🍏worth the hassle from the family
🍏worth the benefits to your health

…it is much harder to invest the time and energy for long-term gain.

We have to believe in the value of the investment.

And as a business owner selling services, I know I need to convey the value of what I do.

You don’t have the University education, the hours and hours of research, reading studies, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and the 3 decades of practical experience to deeply and unequivocally understand the benefits of eating more plants, and therefore the value.

After I got breast cancer in 2013 I turned to research again. I wanted to know how I could avoid getting another diagnosis.

And boy is it confusing out there!

You’ll hear anecdotal evidence about pretty much every diet from 100% raw to high-fat keto.

But I wanted more than hearsay, I wanted decades of scientific proof to support my decision.

It took years but I kept coming back to plants.

I read The China Study and broke up my relationship with dairy.

The hardest part was saying goodbye to cheese – not because I thought I needed it for calcium but because it’s so delicious.

Then I read The Cheese Trap by Neil Barnard, and I understood why it’s addictive.

The casomorphins make it hard to stop at one cheese and cracker the same way it’s impossible to stop at one square of chocolate.

You can read more about the dangers of dairy here https://naturallynic.com.au/can-you-ditch-dairy-what-about-your-cheese-addiction/

Weaning myself off animal protein was another hurdle!

The Dairy Corporation and the Australian Meat & Livestock Co fund the University department where I studied so we knew all about the ‘benefits’ of meat.

But the research stacked up, not just about the inflammatory and harmful effects of eating too much meat but the ease at which I could meet ALL my protein requirements with plants.

You can read more about animal protein here https://naturallynic.com.au/what-no-meat-how-the-heck-am-i-going-to-get-enough-protein/

Then there’s the hormonal impact of dairy and animal protein on women’s hormones.

If you’ve struggled to achieve and maintain weight loss in your 20’s and 30’s then get ready to double down the difficulty in your 40’s and 50’s.

Those midlife hormones can wreak havoc even for those who haven’t struggled with their weight in their youth.

But once again, eating more plants can bring hormonal harmony and easily help your mid-life body release weight.

I’ve experienced the results myself, witnessed the benefits for my clients, and understand the value of eating plants theoretically, so my motivation to continue on this path is a no-brainer.

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