Let’s talk about forgiveness.

Forgiving ourselves for where we find ourselves right now.

Perhaps you’re not happy with where your health is.

Perhaps you’ve heard yourself saying… ‘I’ve let myself go’

You stopped paying attention to what you ate and being proactive with moving your body.

Life got in the way.

Kids, family life, partners, work, parents… you name it, it got in the way of you taking care of yourself.

It happens to the best of us, we find ourselves getting the short end of the stick over and over and as a result, our health takes a back seat.

So take a moment to acknowledge that it was a season, and that season has now come to an end, and it’s time to prioritise you.

It doesn’t mean those demands are going to disappear overnight, it just means it’s time to carve out some space for you.

Our wake-up call is usually when we reach ‘that’ age, where our hormones start to do a reshuffle, and a good night’s sleep and a ‘detox’, aren’t getting us back on track.

Your clothes are ‘suddenly’ tighter, you’re not sleeping well, you may be experiencing night sweats and hot flashes, and let’s not even start on your mood!

And while these symptoms are real, they are a sign that your body needs some attention.

Your body is telling you it needs some tender loving care because this isn’t a quick fix, it’s a call for you to start becoming aware of what you need.

Your needs matter – even if you don’t know what those needs are right now.

This ‘age’ makes us realise that if we want to make the most of this next season we need to be on a different path than the one we’re on now.

Because this current path that you’re on is heading towards some serious lifestyle conditions that are not fun.

But all of this can be turned around with diet and lifestyle – you’ve seen people do it again and again – you’re just not sure how it could work for you.

It’s okay because they didn’t either when they first started.

None of us do – we all need some guidance when we head into unchartered territory, that’s why we seek the help of experts, they make life easier.

It just takes you to make the first step.

Reaching out and buying that book, doing an online course, or getting some one-on-one advice that is specific to your lifestyle and your health.

So whether it’s being active with the grandkids, having the energy to care for your parents, or doing some serious bucket list kicking…

you’re going to need good health in this next season of life.

Please don’t spend any more time berating yourself, move forward and change your future health.

I’ve been a Dietitian for over 3 decades and breast cancer in 2013 woke me up to the fact that my diet and lifestyle needed an overhaul – you can read about how I discovered the power of plants here.

Part of that awakening was finding the power of plants to balance my midlife hormones and make it easy for me to maintain my weight.

I now specialise in helping women over 45 find their plant-strong sweet spot so they can release unwanted weight, balance hormones, and get their health back on track.

If you’d like some help navigating what you’re next steps are you can book a complimentary chat by clicking the link below.


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