can you give up your cheese addiction?

Are you thinking, is this the ‘diet’ that will finally help me shift this weight and keep it off!

If the truth be known we all take sneaky peeks at those Ads…and read to the end of the 65-page marketing hype trying to get us to buy their ‘secret’?

To be honest we’re all wired to want a quick fix… an easy shortcut that makes losing weight and keeping it off easy.

Because we know losing weight and keeping it off is well…not easy!

In the business world, we talk about these ‘secrets’ as Bright Shiny Objects (BSO).

Programs that promise that their formula will finally be the ‘one’ thing that tips our business over into being a roaring success with the dollars pouring in!

But in reality, there are no shortcuts…and believe me, I’ve spent plenty of time and money finding that out!.

Sure we hear about the ‘overnight’ successes, but when you dig a bit deeper you discover that it was actually a 5-year overnight success. There were many hours of dedicated work, or previous business experience, that helped the said business take off.

I’m not knocking BSO’s because I’ve learnt a lot from the programs that I’ve invested in (mostly!) but when I finish I realise that NOTHING except continuing to move forward and keep on showing up and being consistent is going to keep my business going.

In fact, many of these BSO opened my eyes to other areas that I needed help with or did in fact get me over a hump.

The trick is to realise that while we need help to get where we’re going we still have to put in the work and create the lifestyle that is going to support our goals.

And it’s the same with health and weight loss.

Sure you can learn a lot by doing a Bootcamp or a challenge, you might even find some recipes you like that make their way into your repertoire, but unless you continue to be diligent and do the ‘work’ and create the lifestyle to support your new habits, you’ll gain the weight back, and feel deflated… again.

So how do you make your health a priority?

“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” — Benjamin Franklin

Planning is key to success in any area and especially when it comes to food because our hunger can drive us into very unhealthy places!

Learning how to set yourself up for consistent success is key.

This is why I’m not a fan of cookie-cutter menu plans.

I help my clients work with the meals they are already making every day, and modify the ingredients.

This is a far more sustainable way to create those life long habits that help you achieve a healthy body weight and keep it off.

If you’re ready to do the ‘work’ that will help you set yourself up for success then let’s chat.

Leave a comment below or send me an email using this link on my Contact Me page.

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