When do you decide enough is enough? When that one glass of wine continually turns into two? Or is it when that weekend chocolate treat becomes a daily affair and you realise that it’s time to reign it in?
The twist is that when you’ve had cancer, you need to take these little red flags seriously.
What you eat and drink matters.
We don’t want those little red flags to be a slippery slope into eating in a way that’s NOT supporting your health.
Genetics and family history are responsible for less than 10% of health outcomes. The other 90% is diet and lifestyle.
So just how susceptible are you to being addicted? It turns out that we are not all susceptible to the pull of addictive foods or substances. Research shows that we fit into 3 categories:
  • Those that have ZERO addictive nature. These people don’t even understand the concept of being tempted! That friend who can sit with an open packed of Tim Tams in front of them and not even look at the packet or the friend that can have one square of  chocolate and that’s ‘enough’ for her!
  • The middle third who are tempted but are able to reign it in, even though they are not happy with overeating. We sit there looking at the Tim Tam’s knowing one won’t be enough and how many can we get away with eating!
  • The last third don’t stop at a couple of rows but eat the whole block.
.I say this NOT to shame anyone but to acknowledge a truth that we need to be aware of. Knowledge is power. And I see too many women struggle with unrealistic expectations because they don’t understand themselves.
It you have an addictive nature and you don’t want to eat Tim Tam’s then it is an unrealistic expectation that they are even in your house. Because you may be feeling strong when you buy them but at some point you will weaken.
I know this about myself. When I drank alcohol (I put down my glass 1st january 2015) one always led to two. And more often than I want to admit the whole bottle.
It’s the same with chocolate – like the alcohol, I am better off not even starting because having just one square is about as unlikely as the sun NOT rising tomorrow morning!
The journey is real. We need support. We need to understand that we are not alone.
We need strategies and planning because we are NOT weak, we are human.
If you would like to get clear on the strategies you need to keep your addictive nature in check book an introductory session with me so you can stay on track and keep up the cancer-kicking good work!


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