Unlock your weight loss success: Discover what healthy means for you in mid-life.

The way you’re eating now didn’t happen overnight… it has evolved.

Decades of diets, detoxes, and being exposed to the latest trends have all impacted your food choices today.

But what was healthy in the past may not be serving you now, especially since we’ve added mid-life hormones to the mix.

Currently when I take a food inventory of what a client eats on a typical day…I’ll usually ask if they’re following a high-fat diet.

They look at me shocked…’Why on earth would you think that, Nic?’

Because my client has been subtly swayed by the current fad.

At the moment we’re being influenced by ‘high-fat’ diets.

You might have even been on one, but for some reason or another, it’s just not working now.

In fact, your GP may have told you that you’ve got high cholesterol and a fatty liver, common health issues that occur from high-fat diets.

So is it even possible to lose weight in your 40’s and 50’s?

Because you’re not imagining it…

As you move through mid-life your body is undergoing changes, your hormones are doing a reshuffle, and this can result in your body finding it difficult to release weight.

But mid-life is not a weight loss death sentence, but it is a time to re-evaluate what you’re doing now, because what worked in the past may not be serving you now.

In fact, let me take a peak at what you’re currently eating and I will quickly be able to pinpoint the issue.

Remember what may have been helpful in the past may not be helpful in THIS season.

So I invite you to fill out my intake form (so I can take that peak!) and book a 30-minute no-obligation chat.

If some of the food choices you’re making now are not serving your health and weight loss goals, I will quickly be able to identify what that is.

At the end of this complimentary session, one of two things will happen:

1. You’ll know exactly what action you need to take and decide to implement it yourself. At which point I will wish you the best of luck and make you promise to keep me updated on your progress.

2. You’ll feel excited that you don’t have to give up on your health and weight loss goals just because you’re over 40, but would like some help navigating transitioning to a plant-strong lifestyle.

Please be assured that if you decide not to work with me, there will be no uncomfortable sales pitch at the end, not my style.


If you’re ready to move into a more nourishing, caring, and healthy relationship with your body – where you can unlock weight in midlife – then this discovery call is for you.


Nic has helped hundreds of women in her 30-plus years as a Dietitian, ditch dieting without giving up on their health and weight loss goals.

She became a passionate plant advocate when she got breast cancer in 2013 and discovered not only their healing power but the added bonus of regulating mid-life hormones and easy weight maintenance.

Nic now coaches women over 40 who want to regain their health and achieve a healthy body weight while they transition to a plant-strong lifestyle.

Working with Nic has made an unbelievable difference in my life. I thought I should be able to do this myself. But I didn’t have the in-depth knowledge and needed the support and accountability to make those changes one step at a time.  Not only have I mostly lost the ‘COVID curve’, but my diet is full of lovely plants and legumes now and has minimally processed nasties. You were so supportive and non-judgemental even though I felt ashamed with how my diet was when I ‘should know better’. 


It‘s hard not to be inspired by Nic’s infectious attitude towards good nutrition and her understanding of the demands placed on the modern working woman. With a focus on convenience and nutritional balance, Nic helped me to make subtle changes that have had a significant impact on the scales.


I loved working with Nic.  She assisted me in meeting my health goals and to release weight.  I feel healthier, my sleep patterns have improved and I have more energy.  Nic is a fantastic listener and never judges you. She provides real-life examples based on real-life experiences and has positive strategies which have assisted me in being more confident in the kitchen, making healthier choices, and combating emotional eating.  I’m grateful to have worked with Nic and would recommend her to anyone who is wanting to create their own plant-based healthy lifestyle.


The fact that you arrived at the bottom of this page tells me YOU ARE READY!

It’s time to unlock your weight loss success and discover what healthy means for YOU in midlife.

I’ve guided hundreds of women over 40 transform their health and you can be one of them.

You don’t have to face this battle alone!

Book here for an obligation-free chat and discover how I can help you restore your greatest asset… your health.