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Do you think we avoid being accountable for the very reason of not having to confess when we fail?

Accountability seems to be one of the KEY factors to success.

Accountability helps us reach goals like running a marathon, building a business, or achieving a healthy weight.

Whether that accountability is a paid coach or a friend, you are committing to a particular course of action and you’ve told someone.

But what happens when the goal has been achieved and the accountability is gone?

I believe this is why so many diets fail.

We commit to a 6 week challenge – pay for a coach or announce it to the world and off we go!

But then the coaching ends OR the 6 weeks are up!

When I work with clients at some point they’ll say…I almost ate XXX on the weekend, but I knew I had to tell you so I resisted.

I am acutely aware that I will not be in my clients’ lives forever.

So I never pass quickly over these revelations because I want to make sure they have the tools to deal with these situations when I’m not around.

My job is to help set them up for success, so that healthy eating becomes a way of life – not a white-knuckling grin & bear it short-lived experience.

Similarly, if my client ‘confesses’ to having followed through with eating food they wish they hadn’t… I get excited!

I love these admissions because there’s so much to learn from them!

It means we get to unpack the experience and work out what we can put in place for next time…because there’ll always be a next time!

There is no secret sauce or quick fix to releasing weight for the last time.

But there is learning and growing.

Accountability makes that journey so much easier as long as you also learn the tools to help you in the future when accountability is no longer around.