Your why matters for long-term weight loss

Knowing your ‘why’ matters for the success of your long-term weight loss goals.

When I first learnt about the connection between what I ate and my health I was 18.

Initially, my reasons for wanting to eat healthily were to stay slim.

This motivated my choices, including going to Uni and studying Dietetics.

But when I had children my ‘why’ changed.

Not only did I want to set a good example but I also wanted to be actively involved in my children’s lives.

I wanted to be able to walk, swim and bike ride with my kids, something I had not experienced as a child.

And now in the next season of my life, I want to be as independent and healthy for as long as possible AND enjoy my grandchildren (when they come!).

Your ‘why’ influences the choices you make every day.

Your ‘why’ matters for the success of your long-term health goals.

It’s relatively easy to go on a ‘diet’ and lose some weight for a short-term goal such as a wedding or a holiday.

But what about the long term?

I see so many short-term success stories and I ask why that success can’t continue.

This is the reason I am so passionate about helping my clients create their own personalised menu plan.

Knowing what you are going to eat at every meal is one of the reasons why a ‘diet’ works…in the short-term.

Think about it…you get the meal plan for said ‘diet’, you go shopping, you cook and prep meals and know exactly what you’re going to eat for every meal.

Until you either reach your goal OR it gets too hard.

In contrast, most people have a rough idea about what’s for dinner but it’s wishy-washy and ultimately decisions are made in times of hunger and decision fatigue – never a good combination for healthy choices!

I help my clients customise their eating plans (essentially your ‘diet’ – but we hate the word) to support their health goals and fit in with their family’s routines.

Then we work together to make this way of eating a lifestyle…a forever plan if you will.

I give my clients specific tools for their health and their lifestyle and set them up for success…but if they don’t have a solid ‘why’ it’s hard to get back up when they fall off the wagon…and they do.

We accidentally or intentionally (which I encourage) deviate from our everyday eating plans which I call real life.

A healthy lifestyle includes times of celebration and holidays that will no doubt include foods and meals we don’t usually eat.

The trick is being able to go back to our everyday eating plan when the celebration or holiday is over.

And this is where YOUR ‘why’ comes in.

Why do you want to release a few kilos?

Is it to feel better, have more energy, be more active, sleep better, stay slim?

Is it to be a positive role model for your children?

What drives you to lose weight in the first place will help you to stay the course if your ‘why’ is able to stretch into the future.

It’s worth taking some time to think about your ‘why’.