Mid-life is not a weight loss death sentence!

– Do you want to eat ‘healthier’ but worry it will take more time and effort than you can spare?

– Are you frustrated that the diets and detoxes that used to shift unwanted weight, just aren’t working for you like they used to?

– Are you thinking that your midlife hormones are largely to blame so there’s not a lot you can do about it?

– Or are you just overwhelmed by all the options – from keto to paleo to juice cleanses to blood type diets – that you don’t even know where to start?

If you can see yourself in any of those, you are not alone!

So many of my clients have been swayed by diets, fads, and misconceptions about midlife hormones that leave them feeling like health, vitality, and feeling good in their body again is not really on the cards, unless they change their life completely!

(Which, quite frankly, you don’t have the time or energy for – right?)

Currently, your body is going through changes, and your hormones are doing a reshuffle.

But midlife is not a weight loss death sentence or the end of feeling amazing!

The power of eating more plants is scientifically shown to nourish your body so you can thrive in your 40s, 50s, and beyond…

… making it easy to transition into this new season and stage of life.

We need a NEW strategy for this NEW season of life…

so you can fall in love with your body again

Currently when I take a food inventory of what a client eats on a typical day…

Here are the common things I discover…

1. Most notably I’ll ask if they’re following a high-fat diet.

They look at me shocked…’Why on earth would you think that, Nic?’

Because when I see the foods they’re eating I know they’ve been subtly swayed by fads that suggest a high fat diet is what we need to lose weight and be healthy.

And more often than not they’ve sought me because their GP has told them they have high cholesterol or a fatty liver.

2. I can see the specific foods they’re eating that are making their hormonal symptoms worse rather than regulating them.

So they’re facing off-the-charts hot flushes, struggling to get a good night’s sleep and they’re stuck with stubborn weight they can’t shift.

3. And the last thing I see is a tonne of energy-sucking foods that contribute to chronic tiredness and low moods, and are also not the foods to be boosting immunity and optimising health.

Right now you’re entrenched in patterns from decades of dieting and well-intentioned health advice that may have served you in the past but maybe hinder you in this season of life.

And you may be wondering if it’s even possible to lose weight in your 40s and 50s and get your energy back…

It absolutely is.

I know introducing more plants into your diet will transform the way you feel about yourself, as you discover your energy returning, hormones regulating and unwanted weight slipping away.


Being able to naturally regulate your hormones and significantly reduce menopausal symptoms like hot flushes and crappy sleep so you can breeze through this season of life…

Feeling the kind of energy you did back in your 20s and 30s, and not just here and there but every day…

Using what you eat to increase your immunity 10-fold so you can stay healthy, active, and thrive as you strengthen your resistance to disease…

AND feeling great in your body again as you lose that stubborn weight and keep it off!

I’ve supported hundreds of women to experience these results through transitioning to more plant-based eating – and I know this easy method can help you with your health and weight-loss goals as well.

All without going vegan, giving up meat, or spending hundreds of dollars on out-there ingredients for wild and wacky recipes!

If you’d like to find out more about how I could help you achieve your health and weight loss goals through the power of plant-based eating, take a look at the ways we can work together below and then book a complimentary call using the link below.

Look at the ways you can work with me…

60-minute kick-starter Zoom call ($190)
You will get:
– Nutritional assessment to make sure you are being 100% nourished and help you make the tiny adjustments that are going to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

– A mind declutter to clear the conflicting advice you’ve taken on board over the years about what’s ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to eat so you feel confident you’re on the right track for this season of life.

– An action plan that takes into account where you’re at right now, so we can build on your existing lifestyle and habit stack to make changes as seamless as possible.

You’ll also receive Thriving On Plants with relevant nutrition information and a tonne of easy recipes to help you maximise weight loss, regulate your hormones, and boost your immunity.

VIP packages are available if you’re looking for more support to implement your healthy eating plan.

VIP packages (start at $440) include the kick-starter session plus we…

– Create a bespoke eating plan that takes into account your nutritional requirements, lifestyle choices, and time availability.

– Adapt your current meals so you can have easy options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

– Help you find healthy versions of your favorite comfort foods so you never feel deprived.

– Improve and refine your new habits as you put your eating plan into practice.

– Develop a 3-week evening meal plan that you can use over and over so you never have to think ‘What’s for dinner?’

– Upgrade your existing recipes and experiment with new ones to give you variety so you never get bored.

– Learn how to use your menu plan to advantage so you can be flexible and not get locked into meals you may not ‘feel’ like that night.

– Develop habits that support you and create a lifestyle so you never have to go on another ‘diet’.

– Maximise your time in the kitchen with meal prep and bulk cooking to make eating plants the easy option.

– Work through emotional blocks to help you embrace your relationship with food and navigate a healthy long-term path.

I will be your biggest cheerleader so you don’t feel like you’re doing this alone.
You’ll have a practical and compassionate expert by your side.
And I can promise you the journey will be fun and enjoyable and way easier than you imagined.

IF you struggle to make diet and lifestyle changes on your own – a VIP package is for you.

You’ll walk away having implemented the key strategies of a plant-based lifestyle so can thrive and move forward with confidence.

Working with Nic has made an unbelievable difference in my life. I thought I should be able to do this myself. But I didn’t have the in-depth knowledge and needed the support and accountability to make those changes one step at a time.  Not only have I mostly lost the ‘COVID curve’, but my diet is full of lovely plants and legumes now and has minimally processed nasties. You were so supportive and non-judgemental even though I felt ashamed with how my diet was when I ‘should know better’. 


It‘s hard not to be inspired by Nic’s infectious attitude towards good nutrition and her understanding of the demands placed on the modern working woman. With a focus on convenience and nutritional balance, Nic helped me to make subtle changes that have had a significant impact on the scales.


I loved working with Nic.  She assisted me in meeting my health goals and to release weight.  I feel healthier, my sleep patterns have improved and I have more energy.  Nic is a fantastic listener and never judges you. She provides real-life examples based on real-life experiences and has positive strategies which have assisted me in being more confident in the kitchen, making healthier choices, and combating emotional eating.  I’m grateful to have worked with Nic and would recommend her to anyone who is wanting to create their own plant-based healthy lifestyle.


So if you’re ready to get back in the driver’s seat of your health…

Let me take a peek at what you’re currently eating and I will quickly be able to help you start moving in the right direction.

In this 30-minute complimentary consult we will:
1. Assess your current diet and food habits
2. Identify the (often hidden) eating habits that are sabotaging your health
3. Pinpoint simple ways you can add more plant-based eating to easily get your health back on track and shed a few kilos

Remember what may have been helpful in the past may not be helpful in THIS season.

So I invite you to fill out my intake form (so I can take that peek!) and book a 30-minute no-obligation chat.

If some of the food choices you’re making now are not serving your health and weight loss goals, I will quickly be able to identify what that is.

Nic has helped hundreds of women in her 30-plus years as a Dietitian, ditch dieting without giving up on their health and weight loss goals.

She became a passionate plant advocate when she got breast cancer in 2013 and discovered not only their healing power but the added bonus of regulating mid-life hormones and easy weight maintenance.

Nic now coaches women over 40 who want to regain their health and achieve a healthy body weight while they transition to a plant-strong lifestyle.