With a desire to look amazing on my wedding day and only 6 months until my dress fitting I knew I had to make some serious commitments. Ideally I wanted to lose 10kgs and was confident I could crash diet for about five of those kilos but would struggle with the famous last five that had always eclipsed me

A very good friend of mind had suggested Nicole after having some real success with her lifestyle advice. She did warn me that this was not a path to go down if I wanted to view it as a crash diet or yo-yo plan. If I was going to do it, it required serious commitment and determination. After hearing this I was nervous about meeting this over the top crazy health nut but I was pleasantly surprised when I met Nicole.

It‘s hard not to be inspired by Nicole’s infectious attitude towards good nutrition and her understanding of the demands placed on the modern working woman. With a focus on convenience and nutritional balance, Nicole helped me to make subtle changes that have had a significant impact
on the scales.

For me it has been so much more than just the weight loss I have never felt so
good nor have I ever looked forward to the positive impacts of healthy eating.
Armed with Nicole’s knowledge and support I am confident of reaching my
goal but more importantly of continuing on this path of health and in turn