We had plenty of food growing up in our house! My Father was a milkman and then he owned a small supermarket. However, I did not grow up watching healthy eating habits. Sadly, my Mum struggled emotionally and food was the way she anaesthetized her pain. She has battled with her weight all her life.
In my teens, I was not considered overweight by any means. However, when you hang around with girls who are size 8 and 10, you feel like an elephant in your size 12 jeans. I remember very clearly thinking that I was not going to end up like my Mum!
By the time I had left home at 18, I had discovered binging and purging. I loved food and I didn’t have a stop button! I had developed my own dysfunctional relationship with food.
After six years of working my way up the corporate ladder I began to have a burning desire to leave the world of banking and become a Dietitian.
As a matured age student, I just inhaled all the new information and kept my grades high.  I completed of Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science and then did a post graduate diploma in Dietetics.
Whilst at Uni I began to address my bulimia. I came out of the closet so to speak. It had been such a big secret for nearly 10 years and I remember it taking me over an hour to finally tell that first person. I went to a self-help group for months and began an awareness and weaning process.
By the time I met my future husband in my last year at Uni, bulimia was almost behind me. I made a vow to myself that I was not going to bring bulimia into my marriage. However, I still loved to eat and my stop button struggled to come on.