Is This You? A Client’s Journey

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I’m anxious about seeing a Dietitian?

I wonder if she can she really help?

I mean, my food struggles have been going on for years, if not decades.

I’m doubtful that a diet expert will understand the roller coaster I’m on.

I’m confused about all the conflicting nutrition information out there?

I’m tired of struggling with cravings and constant hunger?

I’m exhausted from thinking about food every waking moment?

I’m sick to death of trying to avoid food every waking second?


Mmmmm she listened and understood my struggles.

She didn’t assume I was seeing her for weight loss (I am but hey!)

I don’t have to throw out my whole pantry.

I don’t have to have a totally different menu.

I don’t have to cook food my family hate.

We can change the recipes, my family, already like.

I can even do this even if my family doesn’t want to come on board.

I don’t have to cook 2 meals every night.

Yes, I need to make some changes.

Baby steps, she said.

This may be easier than I thought.


The first couple of days were a bit rough but I knew why I was making these changes.

She had explained to me that this would happen, but would pass in a few days.

Bit of a headache and a bit tired.

Missed my comfort foods but the healthy swaps weren’t too bad.

By the end of the week, I felt pretty good.

In fact, I slept really well last night.

I even had energy to spare yesterday.

I can go 2-3 hours now without even thinking about food.

My hunger has changed, it no longer screams at me.

My cravings and constant hunger have gone.

It gently reminds me eating would be good soon.

I no longer look at the temptations and begin the ‘will I – won’t I’ dance.

I easily choose my healthy options.

I feel virtuous and empowered.

I am choosing foods that nourish me.

I am choosing to look after me

I am making MY health a priority.