I truly hope you are NEVER in this situation. But if you are…
Take a moment and breathe.
Explore ALL your options before you decide what is best for YOU. You usually don’t need to rush into treatments, you usually have a few weeks if not months to decide.
I would encourage you to choose a course of action that is going to reduce your stress levels the MOST.
For some, it’s following the conventional treatment to the letter. For others, its alternative therapies or a combination of both.
I chose a mastectomy, rather than a lumpectomy plus radiation, because I knew this would reduce my long term stress levels.
I’d done a lot of research and decided if I could avoid radiation I would. I feel incredibly fortunate not to have been put in a situation where I had to decide on chemotherapy.
I chose to do alternative treatments rather than take Tamoxifen because I knew this would also reduce my long term stress levels…but I understand for others it’s the exact opposite.
So please don’t be swayed by others – take the time to do your own research and make up your own mind. It’s your body and you are the one who has to live with the consequences.
When I first got my diagnosis all I wanted to do was speak to women who’d been through a cancer journey.
This is one of the reasons why I make myself available and offer a FREE chat with me – I know it says 20 minutes but it rarely is.
I know how important it is to seek that reassurance from someone who is on the other side. No, I can’t tell you what to do, but I can give you different options to think about, websites to visit, and best of all hope. Hope that you will get through this.
I can also infuse confidence back into you…because it seems to disappear as soon as we hear ‘it’s cancer’.
Confidence that you will make the right decisions. Confidence that you will be able to heal your body and move through this challenging season.
I totally believe that diet & lifestyle can have a huge impact on your recovery and long term health.
Please reach out… where ever you are on your journey. Let me help you believe in yourself again, and regain your confidence after cancer.

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