Your why matters for long-term weight loss

It’s so easy to get into habits, but conversely, it’s just as easy to get out of them.

So don’t think there’s anything wrong with you!

You’re normal.

Recently I bought a new car and went from a manual to an automatic.

After driving the new car for a few weeks, I had to jump in the old car one last time.

And lo and behold as I was braking to turn a corner I stalled the car…I was out of the habit of putting my foot on the clutch to change gears!

As I like to say, ‘life happens’ and when it does we can often find that our healthy habits, even long-term well-entrenched habits can fall off the perch.

We get sick, go on holidays, or unexpected events happen that turn our life upside down and before you know it we’ve forgotten even the most basic habit like drinking water.

I can put my hand up for this one!

I’m a shocker for going on holiday and suddenly realising at lunchtime that I haven’t drunk any water!

I need that visual cue of my water bottle – note to self – always take a water bottle!

So what’s the answer?

Firstly don’t think you’re a failure because ‘life happened’ and you forgot all those wonderful healthy habits that you had chugging along nicely.

There’s no secret sauce here – just start again with the basic habits and build up again.

For example, you’ve just got back from holidays and all your healthy habits went out the window.

Start with simply getting back into the habit of drinking more water.

Then get back into moving as soon as possible.

Exercise triggers endorphins that make us feel positive which will fuel our motivation to keep going.

This will inspire you to get your everyday eating back on track and move away from the holiday foods.

In general, we’re too hard on ourselves and continually expect ‘perfection’ even when ‘life happens’.

So maybe it’s time to stop berating yourself and pick up one healthy habit today that has fallen away.

Remember, take baby steps and gradually build up to where you want to be.

Go on…you’re worth it.

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