One day you’re healthy and the next you’re facing your mortality.
Cancer was a kick in the guts, as I’d believed that my diet and lifestyle was ‘healthy’ enough to protect me from all diseases including cancer. I’d stayed in a healthy weight range, had kept active, had breastfed my 4 children AND there was no history in my family.
So hearing those words, ‘You’ve got cancer.’ totally derailed my belief that I had any control over my health and killed my confidence.
I became fearful, looking at every morsel on the end of my fork, wondering if this was going to feed my cancer. I succumbed to clever marketing for every cancer ‘cure’ and purchased many supplements and herbs in the hope that they would stop the cancer.
My diet chopped and changed like the wind with the slightest mention of a cancer cure.
Maybe you found yourself avoiding making any decisions at all, just hoping it was all a bad dream and that you’d eventually wake up.
Or you were so afraid you didn’t take any action at all, thinking what’s the point. Or you became an obsessing research-aholic on Dr. Google and ended up filled with even more fear and anxiety.
In the book Radical Remission, the number one trait of a survivor was that they took responsibility for their cancer (you can check it out here).
They researched, asked questions, and took action. Sometimes radical action, other times not, but they all made changes to the way they were living.
If nothing changes… nothing changes.
Taking responsibility for your health is the antidote.
When I took responsibility I left my marriage, I hadn’t factored in stress as causing cancer. I also stopped drinking alcohol, another risk factor that I hadn’t considered. I researched extensively, and have embraced a plant-based whole foods lifestyle.
I have my confidence back.
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