This week I interviewed Dianne Elson from Rest Assured North Queensland. Check out the interview here.
Dianne explains:
I had read about the adverse health effects associated with exposure to EMF and wanted to educate myself on the topic as much as possible. I undertook a course in EMF Radiation Assessment and Shielding and subsequently discovered that the unexplained symptoms I was experiencing at that time (Insomnia, extreme fatigue and memory loss) were directly linked to exposure to EMF! How ironic!
After completing  courses in EMF Radiation Assessment and Shielding I wanted to learn more and went on to study Electrobiology (the study of Electromagnetic Fields and their impact on human health). I felt it was important to understand more concretely how EMF affects the body. This would enable me to identify symptoms that may be caused through exposure to EMF and to explain to people why having an EMF assessment could be a crucial tool to support the positive overall health of the person.
So what are EMF’s? Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are the terms that broadly describe exposures created by wired and wireless technologies.
Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) is used in the telecommunications and wireless industry.
AC Magnetic Fields and RFR have both been classified as a possible 2b carcinogen by the World Health Organisation.
The main sources of EMF range from power poles and underground wiring, household wiring and appliances when they are in use e.g. fridge, freezer, solar invertor panels and air conditioners, hot water service to name a few.
Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) from mobile phone towers in the area, cordless phones, baby monitors, WiFi routers and devices, wireless printers and keyboards and other wireless technologies.
So how can YOU reduce your exposure?
  1. Instead of holding your phone to your ear, put it on loudspeaker.
  2. Don’t hold the phone – put it on a table in front of you.
  3. Don’t carry your phone on your person.
  4. Turn your phone off at night or switch it over to flight mode.
  5. Ideally turn the house wifi off at night.
I would encourage you to check out Dianne’s website: https://restassurednthqld.com/about-2/
I purchased the Radiation Free Headphones for myself and my 4 young adults, to reduce our EMF exposure, which you can find by clicking the link below. https://restassurednthqld.com/product/radiation-free-headphones/
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