Welcome to Creative Veges 101 where I take you on a journey of learning how to:

  • Get creative with vegetables
  • Experiment with delicious quick recipes
  • Easily get them into your meals everyday
This week is eggplant or aubergine, another nightshade vegetable that is technically a fruit, as it grows from a flowering plant and contains seeds.
Eggplant is a good source of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Antioxidants combat free radicals that harm our good molecules that are essential for our body to function healthily. These free radicals can contribute to disease like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
Free radicals are formed naturally in the body but can be accelerated by:
• Exposure to chemicals in processed foods & GMO
• Pesticides and herbicides sprayed on fruit & vegetables
• Air pollution
• Smoking
• Alcohol
• Fried foods
Both raw and cooked vegetables are abundant in antioxidants!
Baba Ganoush
This dip is similar to hommus but without the chickpeas. I roast the eggplant and the garlic for a richer flavour and I do not use any olive oil as many of the traditional recipes use. This is a great afternoon snack served with vegetable sticks or a light meal.
What a hearty meal this makes when you add green lentils. I love the simplicity of cooking this when you just layer the vegetables in a saucepan and cook slowly on low heat. Add some cooked brown rice if you want to add some more fibre and extend the meal even further.
Eggplant Pizza Stacks
This has a great pizza flavour without the gluten and dairy. I know it’s a bit more ‘work’ than most of my recipes – 2 steps and all! But it’s great for something different and it really does satisfy.
Eggplant Tart
Place this recipe in the sweet treat category and make it when you have a big crowd to share! I have changed this recipe so it fits my whole foods criteria. The original recipe used rice malt syrup which I have swapped for dates soaked in boiling water. The base had butter which I have substituted almond butter. The melted chocolate is what helps the tart to set and go firm. It’s a nutritious indulgence that you have to try!