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Before you go blaming your hormones on those extra kilos that won’t budge now you’re over 40, do a fat audit and discover which diet camp you’re in.

Let me explain…

Low-fat plant-based and keto (or high-fat low carb) are on opposite sides of the dieting spectrum.

Both can get results and both can be healthy ( I do have concerns about the long-term safety & sustainability of high-fat).

However the way these two ‘diets’ help the body to release weight is totally different.

Meaning you can NOT mix n match, they are not compatible.

You sabotage your weight loss efforts on plant-based when you eat too much healthy fat, and you send your body out of ketosis and stop losing weight when you eat too many healthy whole food carbs on keto.

How do I know this – besides being a Dietitian of over 30 years!

I see my clients unknowingly doing this.

In fact, after I’ve taken an in-depth dietary intake with a new client, I will often ask if they’re following a keto diet… their answer is always no.

To be fair, most women don’t even know they’re mixing and matching.

It happens from the compounding effect of every diet they’ve ever been on and the popular health trends that they’ve been exposed to.

From the ‘I Quit Sugar’ movement to the ‘healthy fats’ awareness campaigns, we glean a little bit here and there and come up with a mish-mash of beliefs that are quite possibly diametrically opposed in the way they help the body release weight.

So what’s the answer if you’re trying to release weight by eating more plant-based?

Do a fat audit.

Write down everything you eat in a day and then highlight all the fat.

The list will include:
🔻Olives and olive oil
🔻Nuts & seeds (including protein or bliss balls)
🔻Oil in cooking, or on roast vegetables
🔻Coconut milk/cream

If you are still transitioning and including animal foods you also need to note down:
🔴All dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, ice-cream etc)
🔴All animal products
🔴Any processed/packaged foods

It’s a real eye-opener for my clients when they can see their stubborn weight is not mid-life hormones it’s simply their food choices that come from misplaced beliefs.

So please stop berating yourself because you can’t seem to lose weight and do a fat audit.

Then come back and let me know if you’ve found what foods could be tripping you up on your
weight loss journey.

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