What I learnt by eating ONLY potatoes for a month (August 2021)

Today was interesting because I realised how often we eat under the guise of ‘a little bit won’t hurt’.

These are not words we only say to ourselves but how often does someone try and get you to eat ‘just a little bit’?

Usually followed up by ‘everything in moderation’…but I won’t address that one today!

Will a ‘little bit hurt’?

We are generally saying a little bit of a deliciously tempting food (and it’s NEVER broccoli!) won’t sabotage our weight loss efforts…


…or to be blunter…a little piece of ‘something’ won’t make you fat.

No it won’t, but that’s not what we’re talking about is it?

We’re talking about the slippery slope that the one teensy tiny bit of ‘something’ is going to take us on.

That ‘little bit’ for many of us will open up the floodgates.

And we go down the path of…’oh well I’ve blown it now, I may as well have another piece’ or I’ll start again on Monday.

Now while I don’t do diets…how do we deal with these situations?

I believe it’s about understanding YOU.

Are you that person who can have ONE square of chocolate and then forget the block exists.

If you are, you’re probably not struggling to release weight.

The majority can’t just have a ‘little bit’ of our particular trigger foods – like I said it’s never broccoli.

Then it starts to get complicated because sugar is addictive.

Manufacturers know the perfect combination of fat, sugar, and salt to keep you coming back for more.

Food companies spend millions finding the bliss point of foods and don’t get me started on the chemicals in processed foods that are dangerously addictive!

But I digress.

When we know that we’re NOT that person who can have just a little bit…that little bit will hurt.

That doesn’t mean we never have treats, but it does mean we plan them and are not swayed by the many, many, many ‘little bits’ that we are confronted with on a daily and weekly basis.

When you practice saying ‘no thanks’ and walk away it’s empowering.