Where do you want to be in your post-cancer healthy lifestyle?
Did you have all these great ideas about how healthy you were going to get when your treatment was over?
Did you think that facing your mortality was going to be the motivation you finally needed to reach them? As harsh as this may be, it’s quite often not the case.
Change is hard – regardless of what we have faced.
Or perhaps you were initially motivated but the determination has waned over the months and years and you’ve become complacent again.
Except that every now and then you get this niggling reminder, that you did in fact have cancer, and that you do indeed want to stay as healthy as possible.
Being nearly 7 years post my breast cancer I get it. 
Plus being a Dietitian for nearly 30 years I have a profound understanding of the connection between our lifestyle habits and our disease risk.
So what do want to achieve? 
• Eating vegetables more than once a day?
• Cutting back on the dairy?
• Eating less meat?
• Including more legumes (beans & lentils)
• Giving up sugar?
• Drinking less alcohol?
• Exercising more (or starting)?
• Switching to more environmentally friendly and less-toxic personal care products?
The list could go on and on…
We seem to think that because we know what we could be doing, we should know how to do it!
But like I say so often, it’s NOT your field of expertise – it’s mine. PLUS all of us need help from those who have gone before. Every time I need to up level my business or learn a new skill – I get help.
I would not be where I am today if I had not swallowed my pride and asked for help. AND I always come away shaking my head as I once again realise that I never could have known that information – that why we seek out the experts.
So seek me out my friend and let’s get you started on those healthy lifestyle habits that you seek to change and let’s take them one baby step at a time.
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