Your why matters for long-term weight loss

Did you start reading this blog wondering for the millionth time that maybe, just maybe, there really is a magic formula to weight loss?

You’re not alone…I’m still standing at the front of the queue.

I’ve spent my life researching weight loss.

Growing up with a Mum who struggled with her weight and battling bulimia in my youth, knowing how to maintain a healthy weight was not something I was born knowing.

Nor did I learn healthy eating behaviours… I watched food being used for comfort.

So please don’t think my current healthy weight is ‘luck’…or that any woman’s trim, taut and terrific figure happened by chance.

It’s a rare woman who isn’t that interested in eating or doesn’t succumb to emotional eating.

I’ve been in this industry for over 3 decades and from observation and personal experience, much of our success is about choices.

Just a caveat before I launch with the all-important tips…no judgment here because so often we are not aware of what those choices are.

When I was raising my kids, mums would often say to me…’I had no idea you could do that’…especially when they saw my crawling toddler be placed on a blanket with toys and they happily stayed on the said blanket (for about 30 minutes on a good day!).

This was not luck my friend…it took daily training and positive reinforcement and appropriate realistic expectations given the age of the child.

So no beating yourself up or feeling judged… you don’t know what you don’t know!

What I want to explore in this blog is not what I have witnessed trim, taut, and terrific women eat because that varies widely, but the ownership of their choices.

*Be a good Girl Guide

Yes I was one and I’m not sure if it’s from my years as a Girl Guide but I’m a serious planner and prepper. I never leave the house without being prepared with water (and food if necessary).

I never want to be in the position of only having take-away food as my only option.

Little bags of cut-up carrot sticks is one of my faves or a packet of Nic-approved emergency crackers.

I remember working with a client who had never considered that it was okay to take her own food to family gatherings (which were often in the park).

So the key here is to always be thinking ahead and make sure you have healthy options.

*Never assume
I’ve been caught out many times assuming that there will be food that I’m happy to eat will be available, especially when going to other people’s homes.

Just for the record I don’t advertise my food preferences or make a fuss in other people’s homes and if I haven’t been able to bring a contribution, I’ll just choose the best I can…at the end of the day relationships are more important to me than ‘perfect’ eating.

So taking food to contribute or speaking to the host is one way to ensure you’ll have food you’re happy to eat.

*Meal planning & prepping
Arriving at mealtime and not knowing what you’re going to eat is a recipe for unhealthy choices.

I’m not sure about you but poor choices go hand in hand with hunger when there are no healthy options.

If you’ve been following for a while you’ll know I LOVE meal planning and have a mini-course you can purchase HERE.

While raising a family of 6, I developed a 3 weekly menu plan so I never had to think…’What’s for dinner?’

In my opinion meal planning is foundational for your health.

So sorry to disappoint…no magic formula here…achieving and maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t happen by chance.

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