Transform your health and release stubborn weight using a primarily plant-based diet in 90 days!

If you’re over 40 and have hit that stage where hormones, lifestyle, and unwanted weight have collided, then my 90-Day VIP has the answers you’re looking for.

IF your weight never used to be an issue and now it’s sticking like superglue.

AND you know it’s not ‘just’ your hormones although it’s easy to blame them!

But you’re also over diets, shakes, & short-term promises.

Then you’re ready for a lifestyle that restores your faith in your ability to nourish your body so you can confidently take back the reigns to your health.

Let me put your mind at rest…You’re not alone!

Many women in midlife struggle to release stubborn weight while maintaining their energy levels and achieving optimal health.

These women want a lifestyle that will prioritise their health, stop them feeling tired all the time, and help them fit back into their jeans!

If this is you…keep reading.

My 90-Day VIP is for women over 40 who want to transition to a primarily plant-based lifestyle specifically designed for their nutritional needs.

Together we create the perfect lifestyle plan for you so you can leave dieting behind.

Not only will you never have to think ‘What’s for dinner?’ again, but you’ll also have strategies that set you up for long-term success.

So, you can say goodbye to low energy, release unwanted weight, and fall back in love with your body in 90 days.

VIP Package includes 3 life-changing modules.


Module 1: Boost your nutrients & eliminate cravings

 Our first steps together will be to build a daily meal plan that:

🤍 Gives you confidence that you’re meeting your nutritional needs

🤍 Works with your body as you regulate your hormones

🤍 Assists and supports sustainable weight loss

🤍 Fits your lifestyle & your family’s schedule


Module 2 - Boost your metabolism

 Next, we look at the big picture and the major factors that affect weight loss:

🤍 Dieting philosophies you may be unknowingly using that sabotage your efforts

🤍 Are you digesting and eliminating optimally

🤍 Inadequate sleep is often a missing link

🤍 The movement that boosts your metabolism and it’s NOT running a marathon

🤍 Is stress your hidden saboteur that is easily combated with one simple technique

bowl of nuts
Naturally Nic plant-based Dietitian looking at the camera

Module 3 - Boost your lifestyle

Finally, we create game-changing, sustainable long-term habits:

🤍 Revolutionise your life with a personalised 3-week cyclic menu plan so you never have to think ‘What’s for dinner?’ again!

🤍 Kitchen hacks for shopping & meal prep to save you time and money

🤍 Social strategies for every situation that don’t draw attention to you or leave you feeling uncomfortable – think dinner at the in-laws!

🤍 The importance of choice and not feeling deprived for ultimate success

90 days from now you will emerge from eight 1:1 sessions having created a personalised plant-based lifestyle.

If you’re ready to ditch dieting, without giving up on your health & weight loss goals then let’s chat.


As a Dietitian of nearly 30 years, I walked away from the Food Pyramid when I got breast cancer in 2013.

I did a deep dive into the research and came up plant-based.

The evidence is out there and it’s overwhelming…women need to eat primarily plants to optimise their health and achieve a healthy body weight.

Working with Nic has made an unbelievable difference in my life. I thought I should be able to do this myself. But I didn’t have the in-depth knowledge and needed the support and accountability to make those changes one step at a time.  Not only have I mostly lost the ‘COVID curve’, but my diet is full of lovely plants and legumes now and has minimally processed nasties. You were so supportive and non-judgemental even though I felt ashamed with how my diet was when I ‘should know better’. 


It‘s hard not to be inspired by Nic’s infectious attitude towards good nutrition and her understanding of the demands placed on the modern working woman. With a focus on convenience and nutritional balance, Nic helped me to make subtle changes that have had a significant impact on the scales.


I loved working with Nic.  She assisted me in meeting my health goals and to release weight.  I feel healthier, my sleep patterns have improved and I have more energy.  Nic is a fantastic listener and never judges you. She provides real-life examples based on real-life experiences and has positive strategies which have assisted me in being more confident in the kitchen, making healthier choices, and combating emotional eating.  I’m grateful to have worked with Nic and would recommend her to anyone who is wanting to create their own plant-based healthy lifestyle.


Plant-based Bootcamp is a fit for you if you’re:

Done with cookie-cutter diets & calorie counting

Over feeling deprived and eating foods you hate

Prepared to let go of fad diets and the temptation of a quick fix

Determined to restore your health & release unwanted weight

Ready to invest $1200 to fall in love with your body again

The fact that you arrived at the bottom of this page tells me YOU ARE READY!

It’s time to take action and get your body back in its optimal health and shape.

I’ve guided hundreds of women through mid-age health transformation and you can be one of them.

You don’t have to face this battle alone!

Book here for an obligation-free chat and discover how I can help you restore your greatest asset… your health.

What will you get from this pro-bono consultation?

FIRST you will discover why you’re NOT getting the results you want.

THEN I will give you the single most important action step to start getting results immediately.

So let’s do this together.