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Sick of cookie-cutter menu plans?

Take your existing recipes and create your own menu plan with my game-changing guide. This must-have mini-course will show you how to revamp your food so you don’t have to think “what’s for dinner”.

Grab my Menu Planning Mini Course (normally $99) for $19 (price in AUD, approx USD$13)

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Your game-changing meal make-over

I know you are excited to watch the tutorial so let’s take you to the next level.

One of the strategies I talk about it in the tutorial is having a personalised meal plan.

This is NOT a meal plan (snooze) it is more like a makeover for your existing recipes.

Keep enjoying your favourite meals but let’s supercharge them with the power of plants.

Not a cookie-cutter plan with recipes that don’t suit the family or ingredients you’ve never heard of…but one you’ve designed specifically for your lifestyle.

This mini-course will walk you through step-by-step how to map out a menu plan using your existing recipes and show you how to increase the plant power in those meals.

We want to make eating more plants as easy as possible and this is the EXACT strategy that I’ve successfully used with hundreds of women.

Plus I will show you what the weight loss kick-starter hacks in my tutorial look like for your recipes.

Grabbing this mini-course is the perfect complement to the tutorial if you want to ditch dieting and create a lifestyle that supports your health and weight loss goals.

Grab my Menu Planning Mini Course (normally $99) for $19 (price in AUD, approx USD$13)

Here’s what we will cover


Know exactly what’s for dinner every night with meals that fit perfectly with the needs of your family AND your weight loss goals.


We start with the meals you are already making – let’s not reinvent the wheel! We tweak those recipes by making them more nourishing and weight-releasing.


I know it can be confusing… how do you eat more plants? That’s why I’ve popped in some of my favourite plant-based recipes to give you some more ideas.

Grab my Menu Planning Mini Course (normally $99) for $19 (price in AUD, approx USD$13)

About Me

If you haven’t met me I’m Nic and I’ve been a Dietitian for over 3 decades and I love helping women in mid-life break free from the chains of unwanted weight.

So many women struggle with stubborn weight, and the endless cycle of thinking that a new diet or an ‘old one’ with more discipline will be the answer.

However, when age, hormones, and life collide it can be messy and make weight loss harder.

Especially when decades of dieting advice and demonisation of certain foods, or types of foods make us scared to eat a flippin carrot.

My life’s focus has been on educating women on how to nourish their body by finding out what works for them in this season of life.

Mid-life can be a time of liberation and I love empowering women to take back the reigns to their health so they can optimise their hormones and achieve a healthy body weight.

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