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Thrive in mid-life…

Recipes are crucial when you first venture into plant-powered eating and it can feel overwhelming but it’s so much easier when you have somewhere to start… especially from an expert.

I’ve done the hard work and now all you have to do is follow the steps as you discover how easy and delicious plant-strong meals can be.

Thriving On Plants will take the guesswork out of meal prep because you can build a meal plan around the recipes that you love, so you never have to think ‘What’s for dinner?’ again.

Plus the nutritional information will give you clarity on which foods are going to benefit your health in this mid-life season and how to maximise those foods at every meal.

Grab Thriving On Plants for $15 (price in AUD, approx USD$11)

No more spending hours searching online…

grab my personal recipes created for women like you, so you can start to release stubborn weight, find relief from annoying menopausal symptoms, and make your health a priority.

Here’s what you get…


These are the easy to prepare & delicious recipes that my clients use to release weight, regulate their hormones, and optimise their health.


Feel empowered with the right nutritional information for where you’re at in this season of mid-life, so you can breeze through menopause & beyond.


I have included charts so you can easily see how to meet your daily requirements of key nutrients so you can feel confident you’re on the right track.

Grab Thriving On Plants for $15 (price in AUD, approx USD$11)

About Me

If you haven’t met me I’m Nic and I’ve been a Dietitian for over 3 decades and I love helping women in mid-life break free from the chains of unwanted weight.

So many women struggle with stubborn weight, and the endless cycle of thinking that a new diet or an ‘old one’ with more discipline will be the answer.

However, when age, hormones, and life collide it can be messy and make weight loss harder.

Especially when decades of dieting advice and demonisation of certain foods, or types of foods make us scared to eat a flippin carrot.

My life’s focus has been on educating women on how to nourish their body by finding out what works for them in this season of life.

Mid-life can be a time of liberation and I love empowering women to take back the reigns to their health so they can optimise their hormones and achieve a healthy body weight.

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