Could there be a way to lose weight that is not another calorie-counting restrictive diet?

Before clients work with me, they will often say they were scared.

Scared that they wouldn’t be able to do what I’m going to suggest.

I’m happy to report that after our first session, they sigh with relief and say ‘Oh wow this is going to be much easier than I thought!’

When I query what they had thought I was going to tell them, they said ‘I thought you’d put me on a diet’.

No diets on my watch!

I work 1:1 with clients to create a personalised plan, developed exclusively for them.

Here are just some of the factors that we take into consideration:
🍏 Your specific nutrients need – eg. low iron
🍏 The menopause support unique to your body
🍏 Individual medical issues – past and present
🍏 Your dieting history from an emotional and physiological perspective
🍏 Beliefs about food – current media trends & hype
🍏 Your relationship with food – moderator or abstainer
🍏 Family dynamics – we want to keep the family happy
🍏 Your availability & desire to be in the kitchen
🍏 Food likes & dislikes, including comfort foods
🍏 Bowel habits – we need an easy daily bowel movement!
🍏 Weight loss goals

Once all the information is gathered we build a framework that starts with the meals & recipes you’re already using.

NOT a cookie-cutter diet developed for the masses!

We tweak YOUR recipes & meals that you can whip up in a jiffy because we want this transition to be easy…

let’s not reinvent the wheel – let’s modify the existing wheel.

The easier and more enjoyable we can make the changes the easier it is to create sustainable changes that eventually become habits.

So in essence we create a plan that fits your life rather than trying to cram your life into a mass-produced diet.

Then my clients go away and start experimenting and putting into action the tiny changes, and we continue to tweak and refine each time we get together until their framework works for them.

This includes strategising for social events, holidays, and all of those real-life situations that can often trip us up. They learn to plan, prepare and make decisions ahead of time so that staying within their framework gets easier and easier.

It’s about progress, not perfection.

Without a framework, you’re continually guessing…

what food is good for you,

how to lose weight,

and how to support your hormones.

You start using willpower and rigid rules to lose weight quickly because you get all panicky that nothing is ever going to work, and it’s just this endless cycle of all-or-nothing behaviour.

Confusion about what to eat AND not having a plan are at the core of this ongoing nightmare.

When you have a personalised framework that you can keep coming back to when life happens, it gives you confidence that you’ve got this.

You’re in the driver’s seat of your health no matter what happens around you because you’ve set yourself up for success.

My clients are able to make decisions ahead of time, or have enough structures in place that ‘real life’ may give their structure a little shake, but it’s just a blip on the radar, not a catastrophe that derails their path.

Then you no longer have to be frustrated because what you’re doing isn’t working.

Stop feeling like you’re doing all the things and nothing’s working and book a complimentary 30-minute Mini Menopause Assessment and let’s see how you can build your framework.


Nic x

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