When you’ve had cancer you live with a remnant of fear that it will come back. It’s like a little black cloud that hangs around, sometimes it’s close and other times it’s far away.
The statistics show that recurrence is most likely to happen in the first 5 years, so the longer you live the less likely it is to come back.
But so much depends on the type and stage of your cancer, your treatment regime and to a minor extent genetic factors. So there’s NO guarantee or cookie-cutter way to live your life so you never get cancer again.
However the research is strong that we can do a lot to reduce our risk of a recurrence.
If genetics is only responsible for only a small part of our risk of getting cancer in the first place then the GOOD news is that we have so much more control over our outcomes.
Living a lifestyle that will reduce my risk of getting cancer again (I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013) helps to push that little black cloud almost out of sight.
Have you taken the time to educate yourself, so you can feel confident about your lifestyle choices?
Your diet is definitely the first area to address. What you put on your fork has the single biggest impact on your health.
Removing processed sugary foods is imperative. When food is processed it is stripped of nutrients and fibre.
We want to be eating a lot of foods that contain cancer-kicking phytonutrients, you can read more about that here.
Secondly you want to make sure you are eating enough fibre, you can read more about that here.
Some of the other lifestyle choices include:
• Staying away from cigarette smoke and other toxic fumes like petrol
• Achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight
• Moving your body and reaching a reasonable level of fitness
• Getting adequate sleep every night
• Begin a process of using toxic-free skincare products (I love https://verissima.com.au/)
• Ditch the house hold cleaning products and use vinegar, bicarb and essential oils or use brands like Earths Choice
• Immediately remove all of those fake smelly air fresheners – they are endocrine disruptors and not good for anyone
• Rethink whether you want alcohol in your life, it has NO redeeming features and the link between breast cancer and alcohol is as strong as the link between smoking and lung cancer
Taking the time to educate yourself about these lifestyle choices can seem overwhelming at first. But making a start will help you feel more confident about the future.
I have an Introductory kick-starter session that will help you get on track.
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Empowered Eating Plan

You're ready to take the first step and create a menu-plan that adds more plant-based cancer-kicking foods to your diet.

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