Making the decision 12 months ago at the age of 42 to change and re-define my current lifestyle; with a view to a career shift, discovering myself, losing and keeping the weight off (that had been with me most of my adult life); was to prove to be the start of an amazing journey.
I made my decision to relocate to Port Hedland in June 2011 for work, where my sister Nicole Bathurst and her family also reside. Over the years Nicole and I have had countless discussions about eating and losing weight, but I was never able to find a balance to sustain this journey on my own.
What began as informational sessions and soaking up her wealth of knowledge resulted in slowly changing my eating habits and allowing exercise into my life. Very quickly it became a passion for me as I discovered a new love; feeling awesome everyday as I experienced new food combinations, recipes and a commitment to daily exercise. The weight began to fall off which gave me more determination and motivation to continue.
With Nicole’s support, encouragement and knowledge it all fell into place…
The understanding that it was never going to be a ‘diet’ changed the way I felt and related to food. As I began to change my thought patterns and the way I viewed food and began to embrace regular exercise dramatic transformation started to take place. Along the way I did on occasion “fall of the wagon” but having Nicole in person on the end of the phone ready with support and tools helped me to get back on track.
As of today I have 39kgs and intend to shed a further 15kgs. I can honestly say that the yo-yo weight game that has plagued me most of my adult life is gone and I intend to live my life to its full extent; happy, healthy and with a love of good food.
Listening and applying Nicole’s extensive knowledge and practical advice has changed my life forever!