I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about coming in initially, frankly because I was so embarrassed over my horrible diet!
But you made me feel at ease from the start which made it so much easier to open up and be honest with you.
I preach to the kids at school “Change your words, Change your mindset” and I believe if I apply this to my situation with my better understanding of being an addict, I will have a lot more success than my previous attempts.
After I left the centre, I drove straight to Coles armed with the awesome guide you gave me and filled my trolley with lots of non-processed foods and definitely no Coke! To say that my boys are excited about making and eating the chocolate balls, chia puddings and paleo banana muffins would be an understatement. No more, “do as I say, not as I do”!
I was so excited about getting my groceries home I forgot to bring back my deposit for the program, so I will be in first thing Monday morning.
Thank you so much for helping to begin this journey. I’m really looking forward to nourishing my body and giving myself the care I deserve.
Have a great week!