To Thriver

Your Path To Health & Vitality After Cancer for Women

You’ve had cancer
You’ve finished your treatment
Now what?

You’ve gone from the overwhelming preoccupation with doctors, treatments, and being surrounded by caregivers and family to…nothing.

Just you and your thoughts…is it really over?

…how do you get on with life without the anxiety of it coming back?

Even though you’ve been given the all clear, are those niggling doubts about your cancer coming back, at the front of your mind?

How would it feel to put those worries behind you?

Are you dwelling on your cancer returning, which is distracting you from getting on with your life?

Do you worry that you might not be doing all the ‘right’ things to prevent your cancer from coming back?

Or do you know what you ‘should’ be doing but it gets thrown in the “too-hard basket” or you wonder whether it would even make a difference… so you end up doing nothing?

All of the above is totally normal!
When you have faced your mortality life is NEVER the same.
It can’t be the same…but it doesn’t mean it can’t be better.

Your treatment is over – your cancer is gone and now you want to live your life to the fullest and make every moment count.

I totally get it!

Imagine yourself in the future…

What if you could find a way to feel confident that all of your lifestyle choices were supporting your health?…so you could put cancer to the back of your mind.

Imagine how you would feel if you knew you were covering all bases to achieve optimal health and at the same time seriously reducing your risk of getting cancer again!

Imagine if you were able to get rid of ALL the confusion.

How would it feel if you were able to go to your next check knowing you have done everything within your control to get the best possible outcome?

My story

Even though I thought I had been looking after myself, in hindsight there were quite a few lifestyle choices (one in particular that I had no idea about) that could have contributed to my cancer. In the past 5 years of recovery this has been my journey. Sifting through all the research until I found my sweet spot. The optimal diet and lifestyle choices for ME that give me confidence that I am giving myself every opportunity for a long and healthy life.

I never wanted to have to look back and think “if only I hadn’t done that…”

And this is why I have developed my program to help you be able to find the optimal diet and lifestyle habits for YOUR life. So you can make informed decisions with confidence and live your life knowing that you’re doing everything in your power to prevent your cancer coming back.

NO regrets!

This is why I have created…

 Survivor To Thriver

Your Path To Health & Vitality
group program for women


In this group program, I will help you to identify any current lifestyle habits that are increasing your risk of getting cancer again.

There is a maximum of 8 ladies so you will all get plenty my time during the sessions PLUS there will be a closed facebook group just for this group AND email support if you need it.

We will develop an individualised plan for you including simple methods to start reducing your risk factors without feeling like you can’t enjoy life.


Get peace of mind that your lifestyle choices are supporting your health not making it worse.


Overcome information overload and know exactly what you need to be doing to look after your body and actually thrive after cancer


Find the momentum to stop making excuses and change what needs to be changed.


Find the time in your busy schedule to put yourself at the top of your To-Do list


Get the support you need so you don't feel isolated and overwhelmed


Rebuild your confidence in yourself and the choices you’re making so that you know you’re doing everything in your power to prevent your cancer coming back

here’s how it works…

Survivor To Thriver consists of 7 one hour sessions where we will work together as a group via Zoom Video Conferencing.

ALL sessions will be recorded if you are unable to make the session live.

Without a doubt, the number one lifestyle habit that has the greatest impact on your health is your diet, so that’s where we start!

When you have the right knowledge and tools at your fingertips, plus the support and accountability you need, it can also be one of the easiest to change.


Module 1: Empower your food choices so you feel confident that you are nourishing your body and attaining optimal health
  • Are healthy fats that healthy for cancer survivors?
  • Find out which proteins we need and why too much can be as harmful as too little
  • Which are the killer carbs so you know which carbs you can indulge in and which are in the no-go zone.
  • Easy kitchen hacks for getting organized with your shopping, cooking and meal planning so you can stick to your health plan without it feeling like a massive drain on your time
Module 2: Eliminate toxic foods - Discover the silent damage caused by franken foods and turn this knowledge into power
  • Learn how it’s not the occasional treats but our daily eating habits that make or break our health and wellbeing
  • Discover the healthy way to satisfy your sweet-tooth without destroying your health.
  • The worst foods to eat as a cancer survivor
Module 3: Embrace low tox living to reduce your chemical load and support your health. Why it makes sense to minimise your exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Learn how to identify the toxic chemicals in your everyday life and how to avoid them
  • The silent killers you need to know about that pose the biggest risk to your cancer returning
  • Learn which products to switch and which ones to ditch
Module 4: Energize your movement - easy ways to combat stress and fatigue, so that you have the energy to get through your day
  • The dangers of extreme cardio and what to do instead
  • Support your body with this one simple breathing exercise
  • Understand what stress is doing to your body and the simple hacks to switch into zen mode when life is getting to be too much
Module 5: Embrace your fears - bring them into the light and feel their hold on you slip away. Understand how your fears keep you stuck and how to turn them around
  • Find out what is chaining you to anxiety and fear so you can break free and finally be able to truly enjoy your life post-cancer
Module 6: Evaluate your relationships are they helpful or harmful
  • Identify the people in your life who are contributing to your health and well-being, and the ones who are sucking the energy right out of you
  • How to stop getting caught up in what you “should” be saying or doing in your relationships and start being true to who YOU are and what YOU want
Module 7: Embark on a 'No Regrets Lifestyle' - Explore some of the alternative therapies that you may want to investigate to gain that extra reassurance
  • Simple daily routines that can have a lasting effect on your well-being
  • The key to getting a good night’s sleep – one of the simplest ingredients that can have the biggest impact on your wellbeing
  • The “must-do” list of everyday lifestyle choices that lower your risk of your cancer returning, so that you never have to worry about “not doing enough” to avoid another diagnosis

You will be a part of a supportive group of like-minded women who have triumphed cancer and now want to optimise their health and make every moment count.

Your Investment


Book your obligation-free Pre-Program Assessment now.

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When you sign up you will also receive my Sugar Truth online course valued at $99.     

Plus a FREE consultation with Katie Priest valued at $160.

Bonus #1:

The Sugar Truth – The Foundations of Healthy Eating

Online Program to watch at your convenience
  • Answer all your sugar questions so you are confident in your choices
  • Explain cravings, hunger and sugar addiction so you can be free of them
  • Educate you on where sugar is hiding so you can avoid it
  • Simplify the types of carbohydrates so you know which ones are healthy
  • Teach you how to calculate the sugar on labels and reveal the truth behind marketing labels.



Free one-hour consultation with psychologist Katie Priest

As a breast cancer thriver, I knew how important it was to continually address emotional issues as they arise so I could stay as stress-free as possible.

In Module 5 we lean into the fear that surrounds facing our mortality and in Module 6 we look at harmful relationships. As a survivor, you may need some specialist support, which is why I have included this bonus session to ensure you are well supported.

I worked with Katie after I started facing the fears I had around my lack of self-worth in my marriage and the guilt I felt around the parenting of my children. I appreciated the way Katie helped me understand the complexity of what I had to deal with and how she took me on a gentle journey of self-discovery, and awakened my own ability to heal and gave me the tools to continue to grow.

I have now worked with Katie both professionally and personally and found that not only is she intuitive but she has a sixth sense that is able to go deep and uncover different layers of emotions.

If you discover that anxiety, strong emotions or harmful relationships are an issue in your life, I want you to have the choice to feel fully supported by a professional and I highly recommend Katie.

Katie Priest, MakeSense Australia
Australian Mental Health Social Worker,
EMDR, IFS, Coherence Therapy and General Counselling

Ready to move from survivor to thriver?

Your Investment


Book your obligation-free Pre-Program Assessment now.

Click below and make a time to start Thriving now. 

Group sessions

Email Support

Online Course

Facebook Group

Free Book

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