Dana Dadour – Branch Manager Raw Hire

With a desire to look amazing on my wedding day and only 6 months until my dress fitting I knew I had to make some serious commitments. Ideally I wanted to lose 10kgs and was confident I could crash diet for about five of those kilos but would struggle with the famous last five that had always eclipsed me

A very good friend of mind had suggested Nicole after having some real success with her lifestyle advice. She did warn me that this was not a path to go down if I wanted to view it as a crash diet or yo-yo plan. If I was going to do it, it required serious commitment and determination. After hearing this I was nervous about meeting this over the top crazy health nut but I was pleasantly surprised when I met Nicole.

It‘s hard not to be inspired by Nicole’s infectious attitude towards good nutrition and her understanding of the demands placed on the modern working woman. With a focus on convenience and nutritional balance, Nicole helped me to make subtle changes that have had a significant impact
on the scales.

For me it has been so much more than just the weight loss I have never felt so
good nor have I ever looked forward to the positive impacts of healthy eating.
Armed with Nicole’s knowledge and support I am confident of reaching my
goal but more importantly of continuing on this path of health and in turn

Simone Gill

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about coming in initially, frankly because I was so embarrassed over my horrible diet!
But you made me feel at ease from the start which made it so much easier to open up and be honest with you.
I preach to the kids at school “Change your words, Change your mindset” and I believe if I apply this to my situation with my better understanding of being an addict, I will have a lot more success than my previous attempts.
After I left the centre, I drove straight to Coles armed with the awesome guide you gave me and filled my trolley with lots of non-processed foods and definitely no Coke! To say that my boys are excited about making and eating the chocolate balls, chia puddings and paleo banana muffins would be an understatement. No more, “do as I say, not as I do”!
I was so excited about getting my groceries home I forgot to bring back my deposit for the program, so I will be in first thing Monday morning.
Thank you so much for helping to begin this journey. I’m really looking forward to nourishing my body and giving myself the care I deserve.
Have a great week!

Simone Lees

Making the decision 12 months ago at the age of 42 to change and re-define my current lifestyle; with a view to a career shift, discovering myself, losing and keeping the weight off (that had been with me most of my adult life); was to prove to be the start of an amazing journey.
I made my decision to relocate to Port Hedland in June 2011 for work, where my sister Nicole Bathurst and her family also reside. Over the years Nicole and I have had countless discussions about eating and losing weight, but I was never able to find a balance to sustain this journey on my own.
What began as informational sessions and soaking up her wealth of knowledge resulted in slowly changing my eating habits and allowing exercise into my life. Very quickly it became a passion for me as I discovered a new love; feeling awesome everyday as I experienced new food combinations, recipes and a commitment to daily exercise. The weight began to fall off which gave me more determination and motivation to continue.
With Nicole’s support, encouragement and knowledge it all fell into place…
The understanding that it was never going to be a ‘diet’ changed the way I felt and related to food. As I began to change my thought patterns and the way I viewed food and began to embrace regular exercise dramatic transformation started to take place. Along the way I did on occasion “fall of the wagon” but having Nicole in person on the end of the phone ready with support and tools helped me to get back on track.
As of today I have 39kgs and intend to shed a further 15kgs. I can honestly say that the yo-yo weight game that has plagued me most of my adult life is gone and I intend to live my life to its full extent; happy, healthy and with a love of good food.
Listening and applying Nicole’s extensive knowledge and practical advice has changed my life forever!

Rebekah Worthington – Chief Executive Officer – Well Women’s Centre.

I am privileged to know Nic both personally and professionally on a number of levels. Having used and attended her services and workshops as well as seen her in action within a work environment and through friendship and conversation. I would describe Nic to be extremely professional and knowledgeable in the areas of whole food, nutrition and women’s health.
Her passion is clear as Nic goes out of her way to help people live the best life they can lead when it comes to their health choices. Nic’s passion is contagious and you can help but be inspired and excited by her dedication and hunger for life.

Tracey Morrison – Hedland Well Women’s Centre

Nic has given me a new and healthy understanding of food. Just by listening to her talk to her clients during her workshops and by relaxed conversations over lunch and planning sessions I have learned so much about what I have been ‘feeding’ my body and what not to feed my family in the future.

When I had gestational diabetes, Nic was a valuable source of information on how to reduce my sugar levels. Who knew there was so much rubbish in the foods we thought were ‘healthy’. She is a delight, she loves what she does and believes in it wholeheartedly.

Katie Priest – Social Worker/Psychotherapist

Nic is a bold inspiration to me. She is a clear sighted realist with deep insight and a genuine heart that cares and understands. She can help people to feel the fear and do it anyway because that is what she does herself. She challenges herself and reaches beyond her known limitations to be the best she can be in every area of her life. She prides herself on being informed and having up to date information and facts.

Nic is completely authentic, warm and knowledgeable. Nic has helped me to increase my own insight, walk boldly in my own life and overcome many personal challenges. I highly recommend her.

Kelly E Cook Tana – Resident of Heaven Administrator

For over two years I struggled with anxiety and irrational fears. I sought freedom from anxiety attacks and exhaustion. After spending a lot of time working thru the issues in my mind I began to see that I also needed to allow my physical body to heal and come into alignment. Just in the ‘Nic’ of time I spent two life changing weeks with Naturally Nic where she helped me overcome a lot of fear I had surrounding food ‘restrictions’.
Nicole helped me to see that a healthy lifestyle wasn’t about saying ‘no, no, no’, rather, about saying ‘yes’ to something better! In just two short weeks I was on to a greater journey of freedom! The first notable physical difference from changing my eating patterns was that my constant overwhelming morning hunger dissipated. The second thing I noticed was that I had a major increase in energy, even my husband and co-workers noticed! The biggest and best thing Nic shared was her real life stories, she is incredibly brilliant, but completely down-to-earth. She shared her journey of beating breast cancer. Little did I know that just a month later, my own mother would begin her journey of #sayingbyebyetocancer. I felt empowered to do everything in my power to make myself healthier and to help my mom heal from the inside out. I took EVERYTHING she taught me and put it straight into practice with my Mom. Just 6 months later, with a healthy lifestyle and mode rn medicine, my mom is kicking cancers butt and thriving!
What I learned from Nicole could have been learned elsewhere. But the journey is so much sweeter when journeying with her. She exudes life. She breaths refreshing and she embodies freedom. Thank you Nicole for changing my life! I love you!

Julie Houghton

I would never have believed that changing my diet would have made such a huge change on my everyday life. I realize now that I must have been extremely susceptible to changes in blood sugar levels.
Although I ate what I assumed was a fairly healthy diet of lots of fresh and homemade food, a lot of fruit, a wide variety of vegetables, low to no fat, only olive-oil, little takeaway, chips or ‘junk food’, lots of dairy, including ice-cream, but not a great deal of other overly sweet food, rarely any confectionary or chocolate and no soft drinks and exercised regularly – but I still felt constantly hungry. Despite eating– three, balanced ‘square meals’ a day, I would quickly get hungry again soon after meals. I seemed to have a voracious appetite compared to others and the feelings of hunger would pitch up and down throughout the day. If I didn’t respond quickly and find something to eat to satisfy the hunger I would get very edgy, and anxious; uptight and impatient; unable to function properly. Very often, and especially during the working day I quickly got to the point where I felt agitated and exhausted. I felt physically and emotionally spent and depleted – and really, so desperate to find something to eat that I felt like ripping something off someone else’s passing plate, like tearing off my own limb and consuming it.
I would reach this point quite often. I recognize that there was about a fifteen minute window between when I started to feel hungry and when I had to eat something. Otherwise, once I was at that point I couldn’t think properly, I didn’t want anyone to talk to me, I couldn’t deal with the slightest interaction and had no emotional reserves. I would go from reasonable and pleasant to be around to irrational and impatient and generally bad company in a very short time. When I arrived home in the afternoon everyone in the house would know the signs and know not to speak to me unless I had eaten something.
I knew that not everyone was the same, but thought it was ‘just me’, how I functioned, due to an active metabolism and my genetic make-up. My sisters have always been similar to me in this way, and even their daughters. Such that it has become a source of amusement in the family especially with the partners who took a little while to learn but now well know the signs ‘when she’s hungry you’d better find her some food quickly – or lookout!’
I didn’t realize how I had become terrified of feeling like this – reduced to feeling completely at the end of myself from lack of food. So, I would plan ahead, against the risk of finding myself in that state and not leave the house without some sort of snack – albeit ‘healthy’, in my bag that would ward off these hunger pangs.
I am still amazed that within 24 hours of adopting the new lifestyle plan recommended by Nicole, which was largely going ‘sugar free’ as well cutting out gluten and dairy, that my daily life has completely changed. I am no longer subject to pitching and falling blood sugar cycles and the anxiety and stress that they create. I am not constantly hungry – nor anxious, instead I have relief and calm .. Amazing!

Thank you!

Thank you for your inspiration Nicole!

Nicole is a wealth of knowledge, explaining healthy lifestyle choices in a way that is easy to understand and adopt into your own daily routine. Thank you very much.

Excellent presentation and very informative.

Thank you Nic, so welcoming, non-judgemental, friendly. Great to meet other ladies and connect with the sugar free philosophy.

The sessions were very informative. Nicole delivers a very high standard of education coupled with enthusiasm and professionalism.

This has been a fabulous opportunity to learn and make life changing decisions. Nicole is an excellent facilitator, her passion shines and she is highly motivated.

Excellent style of delivery, would highly recommend to others.

Awesome – thank you!

Terrific! So informative and yummy recipes.

Loved the workshops and have learnt a great deal.

Loved the class and knowledge! It’s been a great experience for me and my family.

Fantastic, so informative, great group facilitator and ladies to have support.

Goodline – Port Hedland

Goodline recently engaged Nicole to provide dietary and nutritional advice to our employees as part of a recent six-week fitness challenge. The aim of our challenge was to inspire employees to live a healthy lifestyle, to improve their fitness levels and to make healthy eating choices. We had engaged a local gym to provide fitness classes but to ensure our employees were provided the correct dietary advice we approached Nicole to see if she could assist in this way. Nicole was excited at the prospect of working with an employee group. She immediately had ideas and suggestions on how we could run the program effectively given our employees work various shifts and long days. Nicole was very flexible in making herself available to fit in with us. An exciting part of the program was the Facebook page that Nicole instigated and managed. This was a valuable tool in sharing information on living a healthy lifestyle, providing recipes and a tool for our group to keep in contact with each other. Our group achieved some excellent results by the end of the six weeks thanks to Nicole.
We highly recommend Nicole as a Dietitian and look forward to our continued involvement with her.


Having just been through breast

Having just been through breast cancer surgery and looking ahead at radiotherapy my daughter gave me the link to naturally Nic As a breast cancer survivor herself I found her health professional knowledge and personal experience one that really resonated with me.! I was on the right path but she has encouraged me to go further and to embrace a whole plant food diet and to try giving up the daily glass of wine and the diary. I now plan to follow Nics suggestions and information she had given me. Thanks Nic

Libby Bancroft

Even just a 30 minute

Even just a 30 minute chat with Nic and I’m very impressed! She is extremely sweet and caring and was able to motivate me to keep going. Because of her first hand experience and thorough knowledge of nutrition I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with health or dieting challenges. She knows how to encorporate balance but still eat to nourish your body. The chance of Coming across someone like nic is few and far between. She was even able to make suggestions for my overly complicated situation and give me hope, your a real gem xx

Bella Sheppard
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