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Need help eating more plants?

If you’re sick of steamed vegetables, but know you need to eat more of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet… then I’ve got the perfect thing for you, my Plant-based Library.

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Your easy Plant-based Recipe Library

If you’re feeling like you’d love some more plant goodness and would love some ideas to get the juices going then these recipes will hit the spot. 

My Plant-based Recipe Library at the bargain price of $9 is a series created to give my clients inspiration.

When I say ‘eat more plants’ many people can’t think any further than steamed vegetables.

And while I love a good old steam up there are way more interesting ways to eat vegetables than steaming.

In full disclosure, you can find this whole series in individual blogs on my website and all the cooking demonstrations for each vegetable on my YouTube channel Naturally Nic.

However, I put them all together on ONE easy-to-access page with the downloadable PDF for each vegetable next to the video.

So the library has each of the 10 vegetables shown below with 4 recipes for each so that’s a total of 40 plant-based recipes.

Grab my Plant-based Recipe Library for $9 (price in AUD, approx USD$6)

Here’s what we will cover


10 of the most nutritious vegetables to maximise your health and make sure we give your good gut bacteria lots of variety.


4 stand-alone recipes for each vegetable that will get the family excited about veges and everyone’s getting healthier.


Watch along with me as I demonstrate each recipe so you can quickly see if this is a recipe that you can easily whip up in your kitchen.

Grab my Plant-based Recipe Library for $9 (price in AUD, approx USD$6)

About Me

If you haven’t met me I’m Nic and I’ve been a Dietitian for over 3 decades and I love helping women in mid-life break free from the chains of unwanted weight.

So many women struggle with stubborn weight, and the endless cycle of thinking that a new diet or an ‘old one’ with more discipline will be the answer.

However, when age, hormones, and life collide it can be messy and make weight loss harder.

Especially when decades of dieting advice and demonisation of certain foods, or types of foods make us scared to eat a flippin carrot.

My life’s focus has been on educating women on how to nourish their body by finding out what works for them in this season of life.

Mid-life can be a time of liberation and I love empowering women to take back the reigns to their health so they can optimise their hormones and achieve a healthy body weight.

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