Plant-Based Recipe Library 


Cauliflower is a superstar… mash it, sauce it, bake it, or rice it, cauliflower is your new best friend.

Find out how to turn cauliflower into more than just a vegetable you steam.


Broccoli is the cruciferous king, with its health-promoting super powers.

Be inspired by these creative recipes AND if you haven’t tried broccoli tabouli you haven’t lived!

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Capsicum is brimming with vitamins & antioxidants.

Discover roasted capsicum and expand its salad-only repertoire, so you can bring more of this nutritious plant into your meals.


Are you ready to get up close and personal with spinach?

Dark leafy greens are a daily must, for their anti-aging and heart health benefits.


Sweet Potato

It’s time to meet and greet the ultimate comfort food, sweet potato.

Who doesn’t love to bake, mash, and chip this family favourite!


Don’t judge a book by its cover, because beetroot is an unsung highly nutritious hero.

Roasted, chipped, or blended into hommus, learn easy ways to eat more!


This week’s glamorous superstar is Eggplant, also known as aubergine.

Learn how to easily make these delicious eggplant recipes that will help you build your immunity and release weight.


Introducing a little sweetie, the versatile pumpkin.

Sweet or savoury, pumpkin is packed with nutrition and is a delight to our taste buds.


All hale Kale, the leafy green on steroids!

Discover sneaky ways to hide kale in your meals and reap the health benefits.


Zucchini shot to fame when it was caught masquerading as spaghetti.

Learn 4 easy recipes and discover how versatile this vegetable is.

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