They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. If that’s the case I was insane! It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 48 that I stopped and considered my insanity.
I was extremely fortunate to have found the lump early. In fact, I had two options. Lumpectomy plus radiation or a mastectomy. I chose mastectomy. Since developing my fear of getting breast cancer at 40 I had read a mountain of research and if I could avoid radiation/chemotherapy I would.
But to continue with my existing diet didn’t seem wise. In fact, the one thing I knew from all my research was that cancer cells loved sugar.  I immediately ditched the sugar including all fruit (for a season) and simple carbohydrates. I began focusing on good quality protein, healthy fats and loads of vegetables as a source of fibre and carbohydrate.
Initially, I didn’t realize that my gas, bloating and pain had gone, and I just assumed that I wasn’t hungry because I was so stressed! Obvious conclusion, nothing like facing your own mortality. It was the most intense emotional period of my life to that point. But as the weeks past and my post-surgery prognosis was excellent I began to relax. To my amazement, the hunger did not reappear either.
This was truly amazing and incredibly freeing. I would literally look at the clock and count the hours. One…two…three…four. Four hours since I had breakfast and I am only just feeling hungry! And it wasn’t that, “I have to eat right now or I am going to die,” hunger that propels us to the fridge to eat everything in sight. It was a gentle, “It’s time to eat precious one, and take your time and find something wonderfully healthy and nutritious, I can wait”.
Talk about intriguing.
About this time you are probably asking yourself a few questions. Why didn’t she know this already, didn’t she say she was a Dietitian? Or maybe….Tell me how do this NOW!
Dietitians are humans first. Many of us struggle with weight and all sorts of eating disorders. Like you, we often know what to do but putting that into practice is fraught with difficulty Leaving some of our beloved comfort foods behind can be quite challenging. However, there are healthy alternatives for everything, and easy ways to keep your blood sugars balanced.