Newly married and determined to leave bulimia behind, I embraced the current dieting trend at the time which was low fat/high carbohydrate. This enabled me to satisfy my love of eating and not gain weight – but I was hungry all the time!
We began a family immediately. I was pregnant with our first child at 30 and by 35 we had 4 beautiful children. I loved being a mum. We also chose to home educate and thus began a huge learning journey for all of us.
However, my love of all things food and nutrition did not diminish. We were regular library attenders and I read every new book on the subject. So I was constantly tweaking my diet and trying new foods with the family
During my late 30’s I refined my diet further as I began to be plagued with bloating, gas, and pain. Besides the fact that I was always hungry! You expect to be constantly hungry when you are pregnant and breast feeding but those years were over. Hunger was a constant companion and I was always looking for food about an hour or two after every meal.
By 40, I had nearly eliminated all the dairy and gluten. But, I was still struggling with all those abdominal symptoms and hunger!
It was about this time that a dear friend died of breast cancer and I became fearful of this happening to me. My research took me down the raw food path as a way of avoiding cancer. There is a lot of compelling information out there.
My mid-40’s was heading more towards all raw. However, the pain, bloating and gas were not going away and yep hunger was still hanging around.