When I first lost my breast and had to wear soft bras with a little fluffy boob-shaped pillow I was constantly pulling it down because it liked to creep up my neck. As a result when I stepped out into the public eye, I would ask my children (then older teens) if I was even – meaning is my fake boob on the same level as my real one! The boys really loved that! NOT!
Just to clarify, a mastectomy bra is specially designed for women who have undergone a mastectomy, and can be worn with a breast prosthesis. Living remotely I had to wait 6 months before I could purchase the proper prosthetic and the appropriate bra.
A permanent prosthesis (or fake boob) is a silicone mould which resembles the shape and weight of your original breast.
I was so excited to not have to be constantly tugging on my little fluffy pillow, only to discover that the prosthetic was so heavy it made my neck and shoulder ache! Yes it was a great shape but I couldn’t wait to get it off every day. They have since made a prosthetic weighing half the weight, apparently a few more women than just me had trouble with the heaviness.
But the mastectomy bras left a LOT to be desired.
They reminded me of my Grandma’s! And I did not like the shape they gave my remaining boob.  I struggled on for a few years until I discovered Lorna Jane. Now I was not in the habit of buying expensive bra’s. Having never been well endowed, except whilst breast feeding, I had managed to do very well on Kmart bras, the only place of purchase in the town I lived.
Oh my goodness was I in love. Not only did the Lorna Jane have an insert where I could slip in my prosthetic, it gave my real boob a fabulous shape as well.
Plus the bra felt secure and didn’t move around.
Lorna Jane bras also don’t look anywhere near like a bra dragged up from the turn of the last century and came in a multitude of colours and designs! You can find out more about Lorna Jane here (I am not an affiliate and this post is not sponsored):
Heaven in a bra! Thank you Lorna Jane!