It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t think twice about eating sugar. After all it was just a benign calorie that could cause tooth decay. Haven’t we come a long way since then!

For those who have had a cancer diagnosis and have begun the climb back up to regain your health, you don’t have to do too much research before you realise that ‘sugar’ is something to avoid. Sugar’s sweet but that’s about the only thing it’s got going for it. It has nutrients, no vitamins or minerals, and no fibre.
Depending on how much sugar you have consumed, there is a whole cascade of effects that leave you feeling worse for wear.
We now know that any more than about 2-3 teaspoons per meal results in:
  • Increasing insulin which promotes fat storage and hunger.
  • Continually eating high sugar foods can lead to insulin resistance.
  • The swings in blood sugar affect our mood and energy levels.
  • Excess sugar goes to the liver and is made into an unhealthy fat that damages the heart.
  • Sugar causes calcium and magnesium to leach from our bones.
  • Sugar depresses the immune system.
  • Sugar causes inflammation which is at the root of almost all diseases. 
Sugar also causes your body to release inflammatory cytokines.These pesky little chemicals cross the blood-brain barrier and divert tryptophan away from making serotonin (your happy all is well hormone) & melatonin (your sleep hormone). 
Instead inflammation encourages tryptophan to make anxiety provoking chemicals like quinolinate. So sugar is not only physically damaging but emotionally as well.
The mental battle is hard enough. We do NOT need to be diverting tryptophan away from making precious happy hormones like serotonin. Nor do we need less sleep. Lack of sleep can raise your risk of diabetes, heart disease and mental health problems.
Instead satisfy your sweet tooth with nutrient rich, fibre filled fruit. Yes the berries score the highest cancer protective effect, but at the end of the day any fruit is better than a Tim Tam.
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