Prior to my cancer diagnosis at 48, I had always exercised.
I had 4 children in 5 years in my early thirties, so life was busy but I found a way. For years a like-minded friend and I would meet at the pool with our gaggle of seven, and take turns doing laps a few times a week.
But after I lost my breast to cancer I felt understandably fragile. I gave my body time to heal. Eighteen months later my 20 years marriage ended and once again I felt fragile and in need of emotional healing.
I spent a total of 8 months overseas in a remote village on the Thia/Myanmar border healing my broken heart and finding my inner strength. However a year after I had returned to Australia I had still not resumed any consistent exercise.
Then I was given an opportunity to work with a personal trainer for a few months. Twice a week for 45 minutes and I began to build up my strength again. However this came to an end and I was determined to carry on, on my own! 
The environment was perfect. I was house-sitting a for a whole year, so I set myself up for success. I had all the gear and I put it in the lounge room so I continually had a visual reminder. It didn’t work. I can count on my fingers (no toes necessary!) how many times I worked out that year. This surprised me because I am a self-motivated person. I needed accountability.
At the beginning of 2018 I joined a small gym that has classes with an instructor. This has been amazing for accountability and increased strength – I love it!
Exercise is like the icing on the nutritional cake and sleep is the cherry on top! We need all 3 for optimal health especially when regaining our health after cancer.
Exercise benefits EVERY aspect of our health helping to reduce:
• estrogen 
• insulin
• inflammation
• growth hormones
• fat to muscle ratio and 
• ALL chronic diseases
Plus the bonus positive psychological benefits!
Studies show that of all lifestyle factors, physical activity has the most robust effect on breast cancer outcomes.
Do you feel like a failure because you just can’t get a consistent exercise routine in place? I am reminded that some of the most successful people have coaches in many areas of their lives. They have a coach for business, finances, diet, exercise, etc so they remain accountable. 
So what makes us think we can do it on our own? You may not have the financial resources to afford a physical trainer but it’s worth trying to find an exercise buddy.
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