Your why matters for long-term weight loss

Are you unknowingly flailing around in a mishmash of dieting beliefs and confused as to why you’re not losing weight?

You ‘think’ you’re doing the right ‘things’.

You’re eating what you think is healthy but those kilos will not budge.

It’s easy to get to this point and give up.

Thinking it’s just too hard.

Because seriously what more could you do be doing?

Or worse…there’s nothing you can do because you’ve hit midlife and it’s probably your hormones.

Rest assured I see this all the time and there is a LOT you can ‘do’.

Stay with me here because I’m not talking about ‘another’ diet with all kinds of restrictions and weird ‘planty’ foods.

Or calorie counting and feeling deprived while you tough it out.

You see that mishmash of dieting trends is sabotaging your attempts to achieve a healthy body weight.

And it’s not your fault.

Everything you’re doing has a partial truth in it…confusing I know.

Take olive oil for example.

By all accounts a healthy oil.

However, if you’re trying to release weight, oil is NOT your best friend.

Say what?

Oils are the most calorie-dense food on the planet…

and even just a little bit every day can hinder your weight loss.

The good news is that having a couple of olives on your salad is a healthier option.

Whole olives still have all their fiber and nutrients intact.

So while I do not count calories, I always know where they’re coming from.

Oil is virtually 100% fat while olives are only about 20% fat.

As a result, 1 tablespoon of olive oil contains 120 calories whereas 3-4 medium-sized olives have about 30 calories.

So instead of splooshing olive oil over your salad, throw a handful of olives in.

This is an easy, healthy swap that will benefit your immunity because your good gut bacteria love the fiber from the olives…

And you’ve just taken a step towards sustainable weight loss by ditching the oil.

What if… your current way of eating is full of these tiny dieting beliefs that are sabotaging your health?

And it’s not your hormones, but a mishmash of misplaced dieting beliefs that are preventing those kilos from sliding off?

If you’d like to find out how I help women transition to a primarily plant-based lifestyle, that regulates hormones, releases unwanted weight, and optimises health, then let’s chat.

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