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Do you remember your first diet?

The excitement of discovering there was another way to eat that was going to help you lose weight and keep it off forever!

Oh the joy and anticipation, as you took a glimpse at future you, swishing around in her size 10 jeans and feeling sexy and full of confidence.

But you knew there was work to do. So you spent hours devouring the ‘diet’ book and writing out shopping lists, buying ingredients, and making the meals.

I remember this so well!

The first diet I ever did was Leslie Kenton’s Raw Energy. It was so easy because the beginning of the diet was to only eat apples for 3 days.

What could be easier?

Being as green as the apples I was eating, I lasted until lunchtime and thought I was going to die!

I’d never had a headache as bad as that, nor felt so sick… so off to the cafe for anything but apples!

That wasn’t my last detox headache but at least I knew what I was getting myself into after that experience.

But it also wasn’t my first and only diet.

While I prided myself on never doing Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, I’ve waded my way through dozens of books, and taken on board many dieting philosophies.

The difference is I have a background that allows me to overlay everything I’m learning to ensure the changes that I’m making are going to support my health issues AND my weight management goals, and more importantly, are nutritionally sound.

What about you?

If you’ve been around the block for more than a few decades you’re bound to have a dozen or so dieting beliefs that may not be complementing each other or helping you on your health journey.

For many of you, that translates to thinking you’re eating healthy but you can’t understand why you’re not losing weight.

So you get frustrated, think there must be something wrong with you, and give up.

Until the next promise of losing 10kg in 10 weeks pops up in your feed!

Yes…if you stuck to the said ‘diet’ exactly you probably did or would lose weight.

But as we know ‘diets’ are not sustainable, and eventually you reach your goal weight and celebrate with ‘naughty’ foods that you’ve avoided for the duration of the said diet and begin the downward slide to gaining back all your weight again…

Or you give up at some point because it’s just too hard.

However, it wasn’t all bad because you did learn a few new habits along the way AND some new beliefs about food.

But how do you know if these new habits & beliefs are going to support your health and your weight loss journey moving forward?

There are currently some very popular ‘diet’ trends that are on opposite sides of the dieting spectrum.

A keto or high-fat low-carb diet is pretty much the opposite of what I recommend.

You can read more about that here https://naturallynic.com.au/do-you-have-a-mishmash-of-dieting-beliefs-that-are-stalling-weight-loss/

Before you throw your hands up in the air in sheer frustration and want to give up the idea of ever fitting into your jeans again…

How are you supposed to know this?

You’re not!

That’s why you come and seek help from someone like me.

An expert who can see exactly what philosophies have influenced your choices and help you weed out the ones that are not serving you and build on the ones that are.

My approach is a gentle transition, not an all-or-nothing dogma.

I help to put you back in the driver’s seat of your health.

If you’d like some help identifying those beliefs that are stalling your weight loss efforts then I invite you to book a no-obligation complimentary call here.

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