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  • Get creative with vegetables
  • Experiment with delicious quick recipes
  • Easily get them into your meals everyday

This week is sweet potato – a delicious, healthy comfort food.

Sweet potato is an underground tuber and has a lower GI, more fibre and heaps more nutrients than potatoes. The orange sweet potato is one of the richest sources of beta-carotene, that converts to vitamin A in the body.
Just ONE cup of baked sweet potato provides 7 x the amount of beta-carotene that an adult needs per day. Sweet potato also contains a variety of antioxidants which have been shown to help reduce the risk of cancer.
Plus they are jammed packed with both soluble and insoluble fibre AND can you can increase the resistant starch by cooling before eating.
Sweet Potato Chips
These guys are so delicious. Simply slice to desired thickness – about 0.5cm. My latest trick in an attempt to use less liquid oil, is to put a teaspoon of coconut or olive oil into the palm of one hand, rub into the other palm and then spread over veges. Arrange in a single layer, sprinkle with Herbamere and then bake until some are starting to go brown. It’s rare that you can get them evenly cooked so don’t think you’ve failed!
Sweet Potato Salad
This salad is the bomb! The fresh corn pops, the roasted sweet potato adds sweetness and heartiness and the beans make it a complete meal! Start with the sweet potato and by the time it’s cooked you will have prepped all the other ingredients making this a super quick and easy meal.
Baked Sweet Potato with Parsley Slaw
Another opportunity to use my favourite salad dressing, which is a whole peeled orange, a tablespoon of tahini and a sprinkle of Herbamere blended. I’ve used a similar coleslaw to last week, and just swapped the spinach for parsley. Using herbs is a great way to eat more greens. Baked sweet potato is such a comfort food. I try and find the tiny ones for this dish as they seem to be even sweeter!
Sweet Potato Mash
Any excuse to eat a mash! I use almond milk if I need some fluid and Herbamere – of course! For a cheesy flavour I go for nutritional yeast. You could also top this with the parsley slaw above.