I do get the attraction of using shakes and supplements to lose weight.
You feel like you’ve ticked all the health boxes when you whip up a shake or pop vege pills. It’s quick and easy and the marketing helps us to feel that we’ve made a healthy choice AND met all our nutritional requirements.
However I have a few issues…
Is it sustainable?
Yes, you can lose weight with any ‘diet’ but if it’s not a lifestyle, you’re on a merry go round, losing weight one minute and gaining it back the next.
Is it sustainable financially? Eating healthy REAL food like seasonal vegetables, rolled oats for breakfast, and beans & lentils as a protein source, is cheap.
Are the health benefits from the supplements?
It’s often difficult to tell if the increased energy, improved sleep or weight loss is a direct result of the supplement or if it’s all the other diet & lifestyle changes you’re making.
Often when people have invested in a diet protocol, it’s in conjunction with cleaning up their diet.
For example, I see huge health benefits when my clients come off processed sugar. So I’m skeptical that ‘X’ supplement is the reason for all the changes.
Is there a nutritional benefit?
When we extract and isolate nutrients and put them in a pill, liquid or powder, we compromise the powerful effects of that nutrient when we eat it in its original form.
Sure we may need specific supplements from time to time, especially in response to a blood test, however getting our nutrition from real food is superior.
Do they contain sugar?
I am always surprised when health or weight loss formulas contain sugar. I don’t care if the sweetness if from some exotic fruit with superpowers – it will raise your blood glucose levels the same way that Coke will – sorry.
AND does it contain caffeine?
My absolute pet hate is sugary liquid supplements with a hit of caffeine – and I don’t care if that caffeine is from green tea.
Sure have a cup of coffee, even better a green tea, but those energy drinks that contain caffeine are whipping your poor adrenals, disturbing your sleep and undermining your long term health.
As a Dietitian I could never recommend liquid sugary supplement drinks – it goes against every bone in my body.
My issue is the health claims that these companies make about their supplements and the way people put their trust in a pill rather than real food.
I get it… it’s much easier to pop a pill than steam some greens, but the effects on your health are incomparable.
I will always be putting my money on real food because my health is too precious to take that gamble. 
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