Naturally Nic plant-based Dietitian sitting at a table looking at the camera holding a piece of chocolate

Whether it’s Easter, Christmas, birthdays, or the supermarket aisles it seems like chocolate pops up everywhere… but can you have it in the home?

For some of us the tempting, tantalising brown stuff is difficult to resist.

I say ‘some’ because in my field, working with women who’ve ditched dieting without giving up on their health and weight loss goals… it’s rare.

More often than not, most of us struggle to resist highly processed foods like chocolate, where manufacturers have spent millions on finding that perfect combination of fat, salt, and sugar, on creating the irresistible bliss point.

The other day I remarked to a client that I hadn’t eaten chocolate for ages, and it dawned on me that was because I no longer share a house with someone who keeps chocolate in the fridge.

Let that sink in…

I don’t even think about eating chocolate because I’m not seeing it every time I open the fridge.

Because when I was confronted with my fave sweet treat on a daily basis, I could resist for so long until eventually, I didn’t, and then…

You know the drill…you sneak a square or two, then go back for more, so now it’s obvious you’ve indulged, so you then have to replace the said chocolate… then half of that new block is technically yours so…

We seem to think that we’re a failure if we can’t resist tempting food, especially when it’s in the home.

I think it’s an unrealistic expectation.

It’s like expecting an alcoholic to sit at the pub bar and not drink alcohol.

When you’re constantly seeing your favourite indulgences they are almost impossible to resist.

So you’re not weak-willed or lack self-control… you’re normal.

Ultra-processed foods are designed to tantalise our taste buds and so ONE bite and most of us have stepped on the slippery slope.

You’re not a failure if you can’t have tempting food like chocolate in the house – join the club!

So please stop feeling guilty.

Know that it’s okay to set yourself up for success and not have chocolate in the house where it sits in the fridge calling your name on a daily… okay hourly basis!

Instead, choose when you are going to indulge and enjoy smile

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PS If you’re one of the lucky ones who can easily moderate and feel happy and satisfied with just one or two squares of chocolate… then just know we covet your genetic pre-disposition… but we still love you.

PPS Yes one day I might devote some time to learning how to moderate chocolate and be able to harmoniously live with it in my fridge but at this point in time, I’m happy with the current arrangement.

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